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any toad of the genus Bufo

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The fish species Clarias gariepinus and Clarias ebriensis, the amphibians Bufo regularis and Xenopus muelleri, and the crab Cardiosoma armatum collected in the Kiti River contained pp'-DDE, pp'-DDD, op'-DDT, pp'-DDT and [alpha]-endosulfan (Table 3).
For staging purposes, the normal table of Sedra and Michael [17] which is specific for Bufo regularis was utilized as a morphological guide.
The present ultrastructural changes in the developing small intestine of the toad Bufo regularis confirm both morphological and histological changes previously reported for the same species [18].
minima (Desser et ai., 1990) and additional species of both frogs (Stehbens, 1966a,b; Paperna & Ogara, 1996; Paperna & Martin, 2001) and toads: by Mansour & Mohammed (1962) from Bufo regularis Reuss, 1833 and by Lainson & Paperna (1995) from B.
parasitizing toads, Bufo regularis Reuss, in Egypt.
Chromosome number difference in the amphibian genus Bufo: The Bufo regularis species group.