Bufo microscaphus

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a uniformly warty stocky toad of washes and streams of semiarid southwestern United States

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Bufo microscaphus. Catalogue of American Amphibians and Reptiles, 415:1 3.
Second report on the biology and status of the arroyo toad (Bufo microscaphus californicus) on the Los Padres National Forest of Southern California Report to U.S.
The preserve system would provide for the long-term biological needs of 30 species, including the endangered peninsular bighorn sheep (Ovis canadensis), desert slender salamander (Batrachoseps aridus), least Bell's vireo (Vireo bellii pusillus), southwestern arroyo toad (Bufo microscaphus californicus), and other listed and sensitive plants and animals.
In southwestern California, the endangered arroyo toad (Bufo microscaphus californicus) does not reproduce well unless it lays its eggs on the sandy bottom of a slow moving stream.