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any toad of the genus Bufo

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Three amphibian species comprised nearly 82% of the total catch at all drift fences: Rana sphenocephala (44.0%), Bufo fowleri (19.6%), and Acris crepitans (18.1%).
Bufo fowleri (juveniles) and Coluber constrictor accounted for 75.6% of the observations during coverboard checks.
Nomenclature follows Collins (1990), except the for the more recent elevation of Bufo fowleri to specific status (Sullivan et al.
Species of western or southern origin and characteristic of warmer or drier conditions (e.g., Fowler's toad, Bufo fowleri, the six-lined racerunner, Cnemidophorus sexlineatus, and the western slender glass lizard, Ophisaurus attenuatus) presumably entered the Calumet region during a hypsithermal interval (Smith & Minton 1957) about 6200 to 5050 ybp (Ahearn & Kapp 1984).
I particularly liked David Green's chapters "Temporal variation in abundance and age structure in Fowler's toads, Bufo fowleri, at Long Point, Ontario" and "Perspectives on amphibian population declines: defining the problem and searching for answers," Carolyn N.
The ilia of Bufo americanus can be distinguished from those of the other Michigan toad Bufo fowleri Hinckley (Fowler's Toad) in that the dorsal prominence is reflected much more forward in B.