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a salt or ester of citric acid

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cause to form a salt or ester of citric acid

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The results of the initial characterization of the FW (substrate) and AIS (inoculum), and of the configurations with and without the addition of buffering agent (AIS + FW + b and AIS + FW, respectively), are presented in Table 2.
Buffering agents in saliva, however try to bring the pH back to the normal range as fast as possible.
A very select list of optional ingredients could be added to the hummus as well - vegetable oil, garlic, acidifying agents, salt, sodium benzoate, spices, sodium bicarbonate and buffering agents - but additional ingredients must fall under the 20% mark.
To help skin shed dead skin cells this clarifying lotion has special buffering agents to clean and exfoliate, removing dry dead cells, make-up and unclogging pores.
Other components of equal importance are proprietary stabilizers, chelating agents and buffering agents. They are also responsible for the uniformity of the deposit thickness and phosphorous content on the different features being plated on the board.