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a small neutral state between two rival powers

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Security for a continental power consists of such things as buffer states; economic autarky, at least in the form of a mercantilist empire; and, of course, having no great powers on the border.
Thus, CH collects channel qualities and buffer states of each relay at the current time slot.
CH selects a pair of optimal relays in accordance with channel quality and each relay's buffer state. The proposed scheme not only guarantees energy efficiency of relays in the current time slot, but also considers buffer states and channel qualities to realize relay power adaptation and IRI cancellation.
MC state transition matrix indicates the connectivity between relays' buffer states. Assuming the k -th relay buffer stores [L.sub.k] (0[less than or equal to][L.sub.k][less than or equal to] L) data packets that has total L + 1 different state values.
State transition matrix A can be constructed in accordance with the connectivity between different buffer states. A relay can only receive or transmit one data packet in a time slot.
Based on relay buffer states, the channel gains, and the adaptive link selection rules (shown in Table 1), we can obtain the available links [[PSI].sub.n] that connects to buffer state [s.sub.n] (i.e., buffer state moves from [s.sub.n] at time t to [s.sub.m] at time t + 1).
BITTERLY DIVIDED My main fear was that those buffer states joining these Western institutions would disturb Russia.
The connection between the transmitter and the receiver is realized in slow Rayleigh fading channel, while information about the quality of the channel and the buffer state are being interchanged through the control channel.
Additionally he would then have been faced with some version of a united Germany entirely within the influence of the west, and probably the buffer states between Russia and Germany also within the west and starting on a path of developing truly democratic governments.
David Parnell reexamines the reputation of John II Comnenus, suggesting that the emperor did not want to get rid of the Frankish presence in the Middle East but tried to channel it by establishing Frankish buffer states between the empire and Islam.
* Buffer states that can be strengthened to become more effective insulators against terrorist attacks upon the United States and its interests
Sutherland's description of Kentucky alone and how it was utilized as a buffer state between the Union and the Confederacy is fascinating and causes the reader to critically think about how our contemporary operating environment may be better understood through the study of history.
14, 15 and 16); the three equations show the proposed rate control schemes depending on the buffer state.
To make the rate control mechanism be effective, there should be frequent feedbacks from sender to the server so as to allow it to quickly react to the buffer state. In the proposed system, the receiver periodically sends feedback packets including its buffer state to the sender.
Viscount Castlereagh attempted to appease Russia while turning Persia into a buffer state, but his plans came to naught.