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a small neutral state between two rival powers

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2) Proposing a theoretical framework for the analysis of the evolution of relay buffer states based on a Markov chain model.
Thus, CH collects channel qualities and buffer states of each relay at the current time slot.
The proposed scheme not only guarantees energy efficiency of relays in the current time slot, but also considers buffer states and channel qualities to realize relay power adaptation and IRI cancellation.
State transition matrix A can be constructed in accordance with the connectivity between different buffer states.
Based on relay buffer states, the channel gains, and the adaptive link selection rules (shown in Table 1), we can obtain the available links [[PSI].
The diagonal elements of the MC state transition matrix A represent there is no changes happened in buffer states, hence, we can calculate the outage probability in accordance with the corresponding steady state probability.
According to (10), there are 9 buffer states in this buffer-aided relaying system, which are shown in Table 2.
The proposed scheme considers the relay buffer states, channel qualities and system energy consumptions simultaneously, and selects a pair of optimal relays to receive and transmit packets within a time slot.
Buffer states of relaying system with K = 2 and L = 2 States [S.
Keywords: Buffer-aided relay selection, power adaptation and Inter-Relay Interference (IRI) cancellation, energy-efficiency, buffer state, outage probability
A buffer state based relay selection scheme for a finite buffer-aided cooperative relaying system is proposed in [8], which selects an optimal relay based on channel quality and buffer state in different time slots.
Additionally he would then have been faced with some version of a united Germany entirely within the influence of the west, and probably the buffer states between Russia and Germany also within the west and starting on a path of developing truly democratic governments.
The formal proclamation of this policy in 1829 led the British to abandon appeasement for a more aggressive policy aimed at creating semi-autonomous buffer states from the Ottoman Empire to Turkistan that would separate India from Russia.
14, 15 and 16); the three equations show the proposed rate control schemes depending on the buffer state.
In the proposed system, the receiver periodically sends feedback packets including its buffer state to the sender.