buffer zone

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a neutral zone between two rival powers that is created in order to diminish the danger of conflict


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Manila, Philippines, Ramadan 5, 1434, Jul 14, 2013, SPA - The Philippines has set out conditions to the United Nations for more than 300 Filipino peacekeepers to stay in the Golan Heights, including additional weapons for their protection in the volatile buffer region separating Israel from Syria, the government said Sunday.
When pipeline flow is turbulent, the cross section is divided into three regions: 1) laminar sublayer, 2) buffer region and 3) turbulent core.
However, each acre within the 100-250 m buffer region was associated with a marginally significant increase in herbicide concentrations (e.
Interactions between electrons in the channel and a trap in the buffer region will not show a strong [V.
Such attacks cause an inordinately large amount of data to be written, overwriting the memory immediately following the buffer region.