Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show

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a spectacular show organized in 1883 by William F. Cody that featured horseback riding and marksmanship on a large scale

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Napier provides the first comprehensive attempt to examine Native peoples' perceptions of Europeans during their tour with Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show from 1887 to 1906.
A Princeton student, Larom rode a stagecoach in Buffalo Bill's Wild West show at Madison Square Garden in 1910 and was then determined to live in the West.
He spent the rest of his life selling his autograph for a dollar, and joined Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show in 1885.
The reception in Britain of Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show and the popularity of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes in the U.S.
MERCURY readers who wrote in with memories passed down to them of Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show might like to take a look at family history site findmypast.com.
NOT FOR NOTHING does the historian Richard Slotkin argue in his Gunfighter Nation that the entire history of the West is but Buffalo Bill's "lengthened shadow." The frontier came alive in the public imagination, thanks to Buffalo Bill's Wild West show, even after the actual frontier disappeared.
She is survived by a daughter, Linda Montana, an actress; a son Montie Montana Jr., producer of Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show; three grandchildren; and three great-grandchildren.
BUFFALO BILL'S WILD WEST SHOW SEEhow the West was won in one evening.
Kids can have a free breakfast with the Disney characters, Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show or a day trip to the centre of Paris - one child for each adult buying any of these optional extras.
In the 1880s, Buffalo Bill's Wild West show permanently etched a romantic image of the American frontier into the public's imagination.
They toured in Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show, and eventually in their own venue until her death in 1926.
TheVillage offers a great selection of shopping, eating and top-class entertainment including Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show.
Disneyland Paris (08705 030303) includes free selected add-ons at time of booking, like Breakfast with Disney Characters, a Day Trip to Paris and Buffalo Bill's Wild West show.
Cuthand's father had worked briefly in Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show and after visiting New York became convinced that aboriginals would be better served with a formal education.
Then there are the many long-running hits tied to entertainment: Annie Get Your Gun (Annie saves Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show); Cabaret (the nightclub as a microcosm of Weimar Germany); Chicago (vaudeville comes to the jail-house); Fosse (his life and work as a dancing man); Kiss Me, Kate (the taming of a musical-comedy shrew); and Phantom of the Opera (the taming of an opera monster).