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capital and largest city of Argentina

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Under the terms of the codeshare, flights between Miami and Atlanta to Buenos Aries, services to 14 US destinations, eight Argentinian destinations, three Canadian flights and service to Brazil, Bolivia, Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay will be shared.
US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has offered to broker talks between the Government and Buenos Aries about the situation.
of Buenos Aries, Argentina) introduce the issues framing the debate: shifting trends in global governance on IP, challenges for developing countries posed by misunderstandings that inform this discourse, and the current status of negotiations on IP enforcement standards.
I have spent the past month in Buenos Aries and I am seeing the same type of capitalism exhibited in Argentina.
Argentina conjures up things like soccer teams and the Tango; we think of a big city like Buenos Aries.
The inaugural award will be presented at the IBA Annual Conference in Buenos Aries in October 2008.
Maradona, who had his stomach stapled to lose weight, told viewers in a TV link up with Buenos Aries last night: "I've great exhaustion.
He had played an important role in persuading people to stay by making trips to Buenos Aries and bringing food, livestock and other provisions.
Johnson Polymet, Sturtevant, WI and Crilen, Buenos Aries, Argentina, have entered into a license agreement for the manufacturing of Johnson Polymer's JONCRYL line of emulsion polymers.
Charbonneau wants Quebec to take its seat as a sovereign, independent nation at the next meeting of the Summit of the Americas set for 2005 in Buenos Aries, Argentina.
ARGENTINA recorded a stunning 28-27 victory over Six Nations champions France in Buenos Aries last night - and served notice of what under-strength England can expect at Velez Sarsfield next Saturday.
A few years ago terrorists blew up the Jewish Community Center building in Buenos Aries, and many calls were made after the attack reassuring concerned friends and families in the United States.
IPLOCA's 36th convention, in 2003, is scheduled to be held in Buenos Aries, Argentina.