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capital and largest city of Argentina

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Velez Sarsfield 563, Buenos Aries C1282AFF, Argentina; email: pgalarza@anlis.
Location of Project and Description of Site : The project will be located in downtown area of Buenos Aries (Argentina).
BUENOS AIRES (CyHAN)- The Dakar Rally 2016 kicked off yesterday with a new Prologue stage in Buenos Aries.
dancers in of Argentina's Aries Our stay here was sadly brief but we moved on to my favourite city on the whole trip - Argentina's capital, Buenos Aries.
dancers in neighbourhood of Argentina's Buenos Aries Our stay here was sadly brief but we moved on to my favourite city on the whole trip - Argentina's capital, Buenos Aries.
Gutierrez was told by his doctor to try and stay as active as he could - so he ran a marathon in Buenos Aries.
Bassil and his accompanying official delegation also took part in Sunday Mass held at Saint Maroun's Cathedral in Buenos Aries, in presence of members of the Lebanese expatriate community.
A fun favourite on Buenos Aries wine lists for years, it's making its debut this Christmas and the gold label even has a shooting star through the 'A' for some extra pizzazz.
Allen said the pope even personally took care of canceling his newspaper subscription in Buenos Aries after he was elected pope.
There's also whale watching in Puerto Madryn, and a visit to the Liniers cattle market in Buenos Aries.
Some would argue she sleeps her way to the top, working as an actress in Buenos Aries before ambitiously drawing politician and military head Juan Peron under her spell.
In June 2013, Buenos Aries, capital of Argentina, was the venue for the 15th World Congress of Comparative Education Societies (WCEES), attended by more than 1000 delegates from 80 countries.
Other cities, from London to Buenos Aries to Shanghai, have invested heavily in infrastructure to protect against rising water levels, according to Sitt.
Interprete Rosas del pais, varios lo dijeron antes y despues como elogio o denuesto; el mismo Alberdi, que lo visito en su destierro en Inglaterra, recordaba diez anos despues de su panegirico como "al ver su figura toda, le halle menos culpable a el que a Buenos Aires por su dominacion, porque es la de uno de esos locos y medianos hombres de que abunda Buenos Aries, deliberados, audaces para la accion y poco juiciosos".
Delta Air Lines (NYSE:DAL) on Thursday announced a code sharing agreement with Aerolineas Argentinas for flights connecting Miami to Buenos Aries amongst others.