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capital and largest city of Argentina

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This weekend's G20 meeting in Buenos Aries could afford the world's most powerful oil players an opportunity to come to a loose agreement, setting the stage for Vienna.
Over a genial smile, the young MP sports a full face of stubble and wears the black thick-framed glasses that are a universal tribal marker from Shoreditch, London, to Williamsburg, Brooklyn, as well as more exotic outposts in Tokyo and Buenos Aries. He resembles a managing partner in a cutting-edge Scandinavian architecture firm devoted to turning skyscrapers into greenhouses.
Tango has its origination from the lower district of Buenos Aries, Argentina.
As archbishop of Buenos Aries, Argentina, then-Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio said that while he was in favor of retaining celibacy "for now," it was a matter of church law and tradition, not doctrine: "It is a matter of discipline, not of faith.
Noah, who was in mum Luisana's home city of Buenos Aries, Argentina, when he started feeling unwell, is being cared for in Los Angeles.
It is a slow cooking and may take hours of cooking but the end result is worth waiting for, since it makes the meat very tender with finger-licking taste." Born in Buenos Aries, Argentina, to parents of Italian origin, he has worked in Buenos Aries for six years, after which he moved to Spain for a year and later, to Paris, for two years.
This solution will be deployed in Spanish and hosted in Cablevision's Buenos Aries data centre.
Velez Sarsfield 563, Buenos Aries C1282AFF, Argentina; email: pgalarza@anlis.gov.ar
"A lot of us went out to a wedding in Buenos Aries and the Andersons (Kitty and John who own Kirkharle) were there and Kitty suggested, 'Why don't you have an exhibition of Capability Brown pictures?'
BUENOS AIRES (CyHAN)- The Dakar Rally 2016 kicked off yesterday with a new Prologue stage in Buenos Aries.
dancers in of Argentina's Aries Our stay here was sadly brief but we moved on to my favourite city on the whole trip - Argentina's capital, Buenos Aries.
dancers in neighbourhood of Argentina's Buenos Aries Our stay here was sadly brief but we moved on to my favourite city on the whole trip - Argentina's capital, Buenos Aries.
Gutierrez was told by his doctor to try and stay as active as he could - so he ran a marathon in Buenos Aries.
Bassil and his accompanying official delegation also took part in Sunday Mass held at Saint Maroun's Cathedral in Buenos Aries, in presence of members of the Lebanese expatriate community.