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capital and largest city of Argentina

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On the other hand, the assigned ratings take into account Ciudad's still relatively high exposure to the public sector, given its role as the financial agent of Buenos Aires City, the challenging operating environment in Argentina and risks related to increasing government intervention through mechanisms unfavorable to the earnings generation, funding dynamics and financial flexibility.
Aedes aegypti was found in urban areas adjacent to Buenos Aires City in 1991 (Campos et al.
Metrogas operates in the Buenos Aires city and its metropolitan area.
Located on the Parana River, about 30 miles outside Buenos Aires City, GNLE utilizes Excelerate Energy's GasPort[R] design.
After the event people can enjoy the city of Buenos Aires and its hot tourist spots such as the Buenos Aires City Tour, Fortabat Museum and Colon Theatre and a visit to the PROA Foundation.
Erdogan skipped his visit to Argentina after autonomous Buenos Aires city cancelled a permission to inaugurate the bust of Ataturk following efforts by Armenians.
11 in Buenos Aires city and province, home to a third of Argentina's 36 million people and most of its 1,000 screens.
A study by the Buenos Aires City Tourism Bureau found that foreign tourists prefer four- and five-star hotels, in part due to favorable exchange rates, and that 2007 occupancy rates exceeded 85%.
Expogral S.A., 1st Fair of Used Machinery, Spare Parts and Services, Center of Exhibitions of the Government of Buenos Aires City, Buenos Aires, Argentina, Expogral S.A., tel: (54-11) 4924-5547--October 24-26.
IN the last several years, the Buenos Aires city congress and the national congresses in Argentina and Uruguay have approved similar civil laws stating that women have the right to be accompanied during labour and delivery.
In Buenos Aires city there are approximately 6,000 property managers responsible for about 100,000 buildings.
Located in Buenos Aires City, Muniz Hospital is the main Argentinean referral center for infectious diseases and provides for approximately 800 TB patients yearly.
"Minorities in Argentina--indigenous, Afro, etc--suffer from a problem of invisibility and poor organisation," says Mercedes Boschi of the Buenos Aires City's Human Rights Commission, who worked with Africa Vive on the aforementioned report, as part of the municipal government's "Right to Identity" initiative.
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