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capital and largest city of Argentina

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"But I am confident that ARGENTINA MARIA VICTORIA OLIVEIRA, from Buenos Aires, Argentina, moved to the UK in July 2004 and now lives in Llandudno Junction.
Both artists are represented by NES Gallery, Buenos Aires, Argentina and LeonidesArts Gallery, New York.
Summary: The 24th World Gas Conference was inaugurated yesterday in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
(1282) Buenos Aires, Argentina; email: marcela_natiello@yahoo.com.ar
Buenos Aires, Argentina. Information: Internet: http://www.pabo.org/English/AD/ SDE/RA/HealthyChildren.htm
BUENOS AIRES, Argentina -- An Argentine bishop's sudden resignation last month was accepted by the Vatican amid news reports that a 23-year-old male videotaped them having sexual relations.
It will have correspondents in Los Angeles; Buenos Aires, Argentina; Bogota, Colombia; Lima, Peru; and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
Voly, from Buenos Aires, Argentina, has performed with orchestras in Argentina, Israel and the United States.
Paraguay 264, Avellaneda, Provincia de Buenos Aires, Argentina
Buenos Aires, Argentina, is the setting for my fourth example.
SENSORS AT AUTOLIV At the Autoliv plant in Buenos Aires, Argentina, a vision system based on a DVT 630 camera is used to perform 100% inspection of a small (~thumbnail sized) plastic sensor that's used in a seatbelt retractor unit.
TV piquetera has been developing since 2001 in working class barrios on the outskirts of Buenos Aires, Argentina. Live pirate TV signals are transmitted to local communities with programming produced by community activists and barrio residents who number anywhere from 50 to 200.
From the cold, eternal beauty of the Antarctic Circle to hot, ephemeral nights in Buenos Aires, Argentina offers gay and lesbian travelers a wealth of experiences.