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capital and largest city of Argentina

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In July 2017, Opus entered into an agreement with the Portuguese vehicle inspection company Inspeccao Periodica de Veiculos Automoveis S.A (Inspecentro) to operate and obtain investment returns of Inspecentro Buenos Aires. This agreement also included an option for Opus to later acquire 100% of the shares in Inspecentro Buenos Aires, the company stated.
If a single event this past weekend came to typify the annual meeting of the G20 leaders in Buenos Aires, it would be that German Chancellor Angela Merkel's plane developed a technical fault and had to turn back to Germany, forcing her late arrival at the conference.
Prime Minister also tweeted, saying, "Met Chancellor Merkel at Buenos Aires. We reviewed the full range of relations between India and Germany.
The crown prince spoke with French President Emmanuel Macron and others at the summit venue on Friday in Buenos Aires.
Jonne Go will serve as chef-de-mission, and will be joined in Buenos Aires by Philippine Olympic Committee secretary-general Patrick Gregorio.
The qualifying gymnastics competitions for the Buenos Aires 2018 Youth Olympics, to be held in Argentina in October, are underway in the National Gymnastics Arena in Baku June 23.
Travel Business Review-February 16, 2018--Norwegian announces new route to Buenos Aires
New York: A Buenos Aires' lawsuit regarding the Conurbano fund could speed the political discussions around the distribution of nationally collected taxes to Argentina's provinces and lower other provinces' federal funding by up to 3% of operating revenue, Fitch Ratings says.
During a diplomacy trip to Latin America last week, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, the longest-serving head of government in the EU, gave a speech at Templo Libertad in Buenos Aires. On Thursday, after Merkel entered the building with Buenos Aires' mayor, Horacio Rodriguez Larreta, and Rabbi Simon Moguilevsky, a spiritual leader at the synagogue, she told a packed house: "This synagogue is a symbol of the great Jewish community of Argentina, where many Germans came escaping from the Nazis," she said, according to a JTA report.
The cafes are where people from all walks of life meet to talk, laugh, lament and put the world to rights over a cortado, and in Buenos Aires they've made an art of it.
Buenos Aires, Rajab 9, 1437, Apr 16, 2016, SPA -- The launch of the car service Uber in Buenos Aires led to traffic chaos in the Brazilian city on Friday when hundreds of taxis blocked streets in protest against it, dpa reported.
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