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capital and largest city of Argentina

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The airline will operate a year-round service of four weekly flights from London Gatwick to Buenos Aires Ezeiza International Airport, with fares starting from GBP259.
The following global routes are proposed : Buenos Aires Aeroparque-Salvador from 01-Jan-2014; Buenos Aires Ezeiza-Florianopolis from 01-Jan-2014; Buenos Aires-Santa Cruz (Bolivia) from 01-Mar-2014, with one daily service from Ezeiza and one daily service from Aeroparque; Buenos Aires-Porto Alegre from 01-Mar-2014, with one daily service from Ezeiza and one daily service from Aeroparque; Buenos Aires-Curitiba from 01-Mar-2014, unspecified whether from Ezeiza or Aeroparque;
Ailola Buenos Aires provides the chance for immersion by letting students speak with native Argentines and hear what Spanish is meant to sound like.
The investigation began in July, following a legal complaint pointing to a Venezuelan man allegedly leading a drug trafficking ring in Buenos Aires, and culminated in this week's operation.
Buenos Aires outperforms its Latin American peers in global appeal ranking 27th worldwide among cities in 12o nations, beating such cities as Dublin, Los Angeles and Dubai.
La prensa negra de Buenos Aires no florecio realmente hasta las decadas finales del siglo, un periodo en que la comunidad supuestamente se habia reducido hasta la nada.
La representante de la Universidad Nacional de La Plata, Haydee Cervantes de Artola, registro los diarios de la Biblioteca Publica y tambien los de otras instituciones, tales como el Archivo Historico de la Provincia de Buenos Aires y el Museo Historico de Lujan, entre otras.
Kent said after meeting Argentine President Nestor Kirchner in Buenos Aires.
In March, another horse death was reported at the Jockey Club horse training center in San Isidro, province of Buenos Aires, within 48 hours after its arrival from a polo horse farm near Victoria (Entre Rios Province) (Figure 1).
inesperadas posibilidades urbanas para Buenos Aires (flood
The recycling cooperative in question, whose members make a living by collecting bottles and cans on the streets of Buenos Aires, used a loan to purchase equipment and rent a larger warehouse.
Buenos Aires is immersed in the tango, and this artwork offered a symbol of the city's passion.
ITEM: Hundreds of protesters in Buenos Aires, reported Reuters on August 31, "sparred with police and burned tires just a stone's throw away from where [International Monetary Fund] chief Rodrigo Rata was meeting .
On December 13, in the midst of a massive social justice movement, Buenos Aires became the first city in Latin America to declare civil union rights for gay and lesbian couples.
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