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small Australian parakeet usually light green with black and yellow markings in the wild but bred in many colors

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If you notice any of these signs, get your budgie to a vet straight away.
She rushed indoors to find the window open and cages damaged and some of the budgies missing.
The budgies are now being cared for by the animal charity who have named them Gary, Howard, Jason and Mark after Take That.
I think I've heard that you can catch a lung disease from budgies. Is this true?
A BUDGIE has been found dumped on a street in a fish tank.
The budgies were in a cage and the African house snake in a plastic vivarium when they were found at the end of a narrow road in Swansea.
If my budgies hadn't died I would never have found the gas leak.
AS an owner of a budgie I found the Vets Corner in the Examiner of great interest.
They are among 50 budgies found in squalid conditions in an elderly man's home in Staffordshire.
Budgies are nothing if not watchers, note-takers, stenographers for the End of Days.
Summary: The owner of a champion budgie who was killed in a suspected sabotage attack by a rival has launched an appeal for information.
My wife and I happened on a pet store that had some budgies in a big cage in the window.
"We already keep budgies and they help by giving them food and water."
'Midwestern Livelihoods': the budgies of Owatonna drive tow trucks./Budgies of Elko?
Communications manager Alex McDougal told the Daily Post: ``We have had several budgies stuck up trees, but never an iguana.