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small Australian parakeet usually light green with black and yellow markings in the wild but bred in many colors

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Raymond charges just 50p a day for budgies and pounds 1 for parrots when they come to stay.
A bright bird who enjoyed the tweet life was Sparkie Williams the North-East budgie.
Mrs Williams said: 'The burglary has upset me terribly, especially losing my budgies, but now I don't feel safe in my own home.
BIRD-BRAINED budgie Fred loves nothing better for his tea than a nice spicy curry and a beakful of lager.
It's also best not to leave your budgies alone, just in case anything happens.
The budgies are judged on their size, shape, and colour and there are several categories to enter.
She says the maximum life expectancy for budgies is about 12 years or something.
I have just taken on a young budgie - how do I find out what sex it is?
He said: "Usually I hear my budgies chattering while they are flying around outside.
Julie Davies, animal care assistant, explained why the budgies were named after the two celebrities.
Once a budgie has moulted at about four months old, the cere becomes a more definite colour.
Sam Morley, who runs the charity Feathered Friends, has taken some of the budgies and is trying to find homes for the others.
The causes of diarrhoea in budgies include infections, dietary changes, stress and parasites.
It is thought Sherbert flew from quite close to the shopping complex, as Budgies cannot survive for long in the wild.
PEOPLE talk of love shining bright - but scientists have found that nothing compares with the sexual radiance of budgies.