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Each year, the Commission assesses whether there is the prospect of a budget overrun during the coming year and, if necessary, proposes action to address this.
The fiscal projections incorporate the following measures in 1998: i) a 17 per cent increase in the public-sector wage bill; ii) a social-security budget overrun of 35 billion forints; iii) an increase in public-sector investment expenditures; and iv) is an increase in personal income tax and business sector tax exemptions.
If a budget overrun occurs, the attorney should immediately inform the client of the situation, explain the cause and what methods will be implemented to avoid further overruns.
At the same time costs rose by a further pounds 208 million in the course of the year, taking the total expected budget overrun to pounds 28 billion - a 12% increase on original estimates.
At the same time, costs rose by a further pounds 208million during the year, taking the expected budget overrun to pounds 28billion.
In agreeing to underwrite in full any budget overrun Birmingham City Council and Network Rail are leaving themselves open to unknown financial consequences.
This first new nuclear project in 15 years has been blighted by problems," she said, referring to a two-year delay after construction was started and a budget overrun of at least 50% or 1.
Ellis, who sat on the school board from 1999 to 2003, said he was especially upset the board rejected the committee's suggestion that a forensic audit be conducted to explain the district's $40 million construction budget overrun.
Carlsbad City Administrator Steve McCutcheon said that with the new design there is some budget overrun, but it was not brought to the council ahead of time, because he believed they needed to begin work on the site to have it open by summertime.
Suhoski said there is a projected budget overrun of $800,000 on the Route 131 milling and resurfacing project because of substantial additional ledge, rock removal and pavement qualities.
Enda Kenny has told his education and health ministers to make the increase in schools and hospitals to cut the budget overrun.
9 million, consistent with the budget overrun identified at the time the project was put on hold.
Mr Quinn said the minister gave Cabinet members a "long e x p o s i -tion" of the health budget overrun, before saying he would address the personal assistants issue.
Mr O'Brien said yesterday the cuts were necessary to bring a potential EUR500million budget overrun under control.
Entire wards and some A&E departments will have to be shut down in the drastic attempt to reduce a EUR400million budget overrun.
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