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excess of cost over budget

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Each year, the Commission assesses whether there is the prospect of a budget overrun during the coming year and, if necessary, proposes action to address this.
In an April meeting, sewer officials attributed the possible budget overrun to a litany of unanticipated expenses.
Particularly the down time needed to do the shift, extended deadlines and, the most critical, budget overrun," he added.
Despite the ITER budget overrun, the Commission talks of the Euratom research framework programme helping to maintain Europe's lead in nuclear energy.
At the same time costs rose by a further Au208 million in the course of the year, taking the total expected budget overrun to Au28 billion - a 12 per cent increase on the original estimates.
In the same time period costs have risen by pounds 208 million, making the total expected budget overrun pounds 28 billion.
At the same time costs rose by a further pounds 208m in the course of the year, taking the total expected budget overrun to pounds 28bn - a 12% increase on the original estimates.
In 30% of the projects, the budget overrun was in excess of 50%.
"A plan to address the budget overrun was mutually developed by JE Dunn, GSA, DLR, and mOrphosis during pre-construction," explains Wikstrom.
When you combine these with the pressure of a record, deadlines missed and budget overrun, it can all coincide.
In making this analysis, it also is necessary to establish a baseline for the identified weather risk, including at what point do removal costs begin to increase above budgeted levels (known as the strike value used in the weather risk management transaction), the incremental cost to the municipality of each inch of snow (the tick value), and expected budget overrun of snowfall removal costs during a record snowfall (the maximum payment level).
As it that is not enough, the country's donors have frozen their aid because of what they describe as "financial indiscipline" following an unexpected budget overrun of US$1.2m.
The fiscal projections incorporate the following measures in 1998: i) a 17 per cent increase in the public-sector wage bill; ii) a social-security budget overrun of 35 billion forints; iii) an increase in public-sector investment expenditures; and iv) is an increase in personal income tax and business sector tax exemptions.
If a budget overrun occurs, the attorney should immediately inform the client of the situation, explain the cause and what methods will be implemented to avoid further overruns.
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