cost overrun

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excess of cost over budget

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The committee members' agreed to postpone approving or rejecting the budget increase until the ministry can provide details of how it aims to restore peace and security to Egypt's streets.
It is absurd that the European Union can publicly propose such a large budget increase when the official line is to affect swingeing cuts to reduce deficits.
The budget increase would have been made probably for buying cars and housing units," Mehmood said.
The county's police authority has also been told to cut its budget increase of almost 7% to the government's ceiling of 5%.
The Assisted Multifamily Program, which provides various technical and financial incentives for low- and moderate-income residential properties, will be among the main beneficiaries of the new budget increase.
The Senate rejected a bigger budget increase proposed by Sen.
Once again, the budget increase is a go-ahead to continue the computer modernization that enables SOI to provide more files online.
Dallas ISD had been mandated to increase its computer-to-student ratio; however, it did not receive a budget increase to support the mandate.
This year, CalCPA supported a CBA proposal for a $270,000 budget increase to fund three additional enforcement positions.
The budget increase will be music to the ears of the border gangs who will once again be able to fill their lorries with contraband from Belgium and France and bring it to Northern Ireland, where they sell it for less than retailers can buy it and still make a hefty profit.
The $30 million reduction in school funding reflects a halt to a planned budget increase rather than a decrease from last year's budget.
said Congress would not accept building a touted historic budget increase on medical co-payments and deductibles charged to veterans.
However, the NIMH budget increase pales in comparison to increases slated for institutes conducting research in cancer and bioterrorism--the National Cancer Institute is slated to receive an additional $515 million (12%).
3 million budget increase, the extra costs still leave the college system with a $3 million hole.
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