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any accounting period of 12 months

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The Pew Charitable Trusts, which researches state financial issues, says rainy day fund balances rose nationwide in the 2017 budget year to enough to run a typical state government for 20.5 days, a new high.
Through the first six months of the federal budget year, the deficit totaled $439.5 billion, 6.3 percent higher than last year's six-month deficit of $413.3 billion.
In Design view, add a text box labeled "Budget Year" at the top left of the Reports Menu form (see Figure 1).
Through the first five months of this budget year, which begins on October 1, government receipts totaled $1.1 trillion, 9.3 per cent higher than the same period a year ago.
The study also models the consequences of changing budget rules to allow some rollover of excess funds into the next budget year. The authors suggest that this would allow agencies to raise the average quality of the projects they fund.
Nuneaton Tory MP Marcus Jones said: "This is very welcome news and again shows our commitment to increase the NHS budget year on year in this Parliament."
"However, it appears the reductions in funding from central government for the 2014-15 budget year are broadly in line with that set out in our public budget consultation.
According to the already-mentioned Article 244 of the APF, the, we add to the ratio of debt the amount of liabilities of an association co-created by the unit and due in a given budget year, in the amount proportional to its share in a joint investment or in membership payments towards the association.
A new budget year starts on September 30, along with the hope that it will, at least temporarily, restore operations to normal.
The Niagara Arts and Cultural Center, which lost $30,000 in public support recently when the Niagara Falls City Council voted against the appropriation in this lean budget year, will hold its largest annual fund-raiser on Friday (Feb.22), the somewhat controversial Art of Beer event.
It is applied throughout the budget year. Some secured items can not fall under sequestration, including servicing of the external debt.
The decision is given in the regulation of the finance minister No.96/PMK.011/2012 on import duty paid by the government (BMDTP) on import of goods or materials for plastic packaging, plastic sheets, Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene Film, Cast Polypropylene Film, material and or plastic based household furniture, plastic bags, plastic yarn, plastic canvas and or Geotextile for 2012 budget year. BMDTP for plastic goods and materials constitutes subsidy with ceiling at Rp81.95 million in the 2012 state budget.
Both have needed loans from the executive branch to get through their 2010-11 budgets and again in the current budget year. The courts needed loans of almost $100 million this year to function through next March.
The deficit totaled $971 billion for the first nine months of the budget year, the Treasury Department said.
All have made cost-saving measures or efficiencies over the budget year. Many have reduced general administrative spending, cut academic programs and class offerings, and reduced faculty and staff with voluntary or involuntary retirement or termination.