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any accounting period of 12 months

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The law-making organ of an LGU cannot pass the budget whose implementation will cause that in a particular budget year and in the year that follows the budget year, the relation of total amounts due in a particular budget year (3):
The Obama administration now forecasts that the deficit for the budget year will reach $1.
Communicate with your direct supervisor to make sure you understand what the goal of your budget is each budget year.
While the new federal budget year began on October 1, the only research appropriations that were approved and signed into law this year were for the Dept.
What no or low cost changes in handling and processing can be implemented before the next budget year starts?
To enhance its enforcement ability the CBA is recommending budgeting flexibility so it can access $2 million of its contingency funds during a budget year, if necessary to pursue complex enforcement cases.
By the beginning of May, FERF had raised $666,000, which represents 97 percent of its budgeted revenues from contributions (the budget year ends on June 30).
The legislators are planning a $2 billion budget for Florida's public universities during the coming budget year, which isn't enough to handle the growing college population, say the presidents.
Between now and the end of the US federal budget year on September 30, the Pentagon expects to spend about pounds 12.
In this difficult budget year, this is an increase that is noteworthy.
Positive results from one budget year will be added to the Member States' actual payments two years later, while negative results will be subtracted.
It's important to view the administration's natural resource proposals in the context of what will be a very difficult budget year, with huge defense spending driving cuts in other discretionary spending and an overall budget deficit.
The Finnish MP Pehr Lov has proposed that the Nordic Council use euro as the currency of the Nordic Council and Nordic Council of Ministers budgets from the next budget year.
The State of New York is eight months into its budget year, but among the funds that have not been released are those for city, county and waste district recycling education spending.
They had a tendency to publish reports referring to the budget year 'just passed.