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United States rock star (1936-1959)

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Buddy Holly and the Cricketers will be at the Concert Hall on February 9.
The Buddy Holly Center in Lubbock pays tribute to the singer, musician and songwriter described as "Lubbock's most famous native son."
The mission of the Foundation is to honor Buddy Holly's ground-breaking music as well as to support his dream to extend musical education - including songwriting, production, arranging, orchestration, and performance - to future generations regardless of income, ethnicity or learning levels.
RAYMOND WEIL has designed a truly unique Buddy Holly watch with distinctive features and references to the artist who died aged 22 in a plane crash which also claimed the lives of Ritchie Valens, The Big Bopper, and pilot Roger Peterson in a tragedy later referred to by Don McLean as 'The Day the Music Died'.
?Tickets for Buddy - The Buddy Holly Story are priced from PS22.50.
ere is a terric and very sassy soul performance from Angie Gerald and Alyce Lyburd, which makes one realise that Buddy Holly's catchy ditties were not really a patch on the - best black music of the period - but he was the one propelled to stardom.
"It was the last night of us performing The Buddy Holly Story in Newcastle so our friends and family were there," he said.
FRESH from the West End, Buddy: e Buddy Holly Story 25th Anniversary tour sees Newcastle's own Glen Joseph as the infamous good old boy who changed everything we know and love about music.
At the center of that cultural mixing, Mielke says, emerged the figure of legendary singer Buddy Holly.
"This'll Be the Day: The Life and Legacy of Buddy Holly" looks at the life and music of Buddy Holly, and his inspiration on the genre of rock and roll and everything that has spawned out of it.
Alan Janes, writer and producer of Buddy - The Buddy Holly Story, is staggered after so many UK performances it continues to be such a draw.
Summary: Eccentric actor Gary Busey has declared he was 'chosen' to play Buddy Holly in the movie of his life by the man himself.
"The Big Bopper" Richardson and Buddy Holly, if anything - especially in Holly's case - the music didn't die.
BUDDY HOLLY was only at the top for a painfully-short 18 months but he is the pioneer of American rock'n'roll.
Just for the fun of it Googling a runner Buddy Holly 5.45 Kempton One of America's founding singer-songwriters of rock and roll, Buddy Holly took the 1950s by storm with his inspirational music, before his life was tragically cut short when he died in a plane crash aged just 22.