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United States rock star (1936-1959)

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The spectacular two-hour stage show will feature all the classic Buddy Holly hits from the tribute act and life-long fan of the musician.
Send your answers on a postcard, together with your name, address and daytime telephone number to Buddy Holly Competition, South Wales Echo Features, Thomson House, Havelock Street, Cardiff, CF10 1XR.
The role of Buddy Holly represents one of the biggest breaks in Poelle's career.
With Marc backed by a band reminiscent of the Crickets in their 50s heyday, Buddy Holly - A Legend Reborn promises to be an authentic slice of rock 'n' roll nostalgia.
A LIVERPOOL tribute to Buddy Holly took place at the Philharmonic Hall last night to mark the 50th anniversary of the pop music icon appearing on the same stage.
Says Spencer Leigh: "The second house was so animated that Jerry Allison (the Crickets' drummer) threw his sticks into the audience, and Buddy Holly played his guitar over his head.
Backed by a band reminiscent of the Crickets, Buddy Holly - A Legend Reborn is an authentic slice of 50s nostalgia that ensures Buddy's incredible legacy of unforgettable hit songs live on.
But Buddy: The Buddy Holly Story - just like the man himself - has a naive charm.
The Buddy Holly Story'' on Broadway, and come New Year's Eve he revives his role as the '50s rock 'n' roller for the Madrid Theatre production of ``Rave On.
It seems money can't buy fans enough of The Beatles, and they guess it doesn't matter any more what they pay for Buddy Holly records.
A BEER named after rock legend Buddy Holly was yesterday named the best in Wales.
ADDISON, Texas, April 4 /PRNewswire/ -- Many people who were alive in 1959 remember "the day the music died" -- when a plane crash killed rock-n-roll superstars Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens and Big Bopper.
THE STORY of music legend Buddy Holly will be told in Rhyl on the 50th anniversary of his tragic death.
CUTLINE: Travis Poelle plays the roll of Buddy Holly in the Foothills Theater production of "The Buddy Holly Story.
It was deja-vu for Birmingham siblings Eric Cook and Brenda Boulton as they relived their Buddy Holly memories when a musical of the star's life rock'n'rolled into town.