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a religion represented by the many groups (especially in Asia) that profess various forms of the Buddhist doctrine and that venerate Buddha

the teaching of Buddha that life is permeated with suffering caused by desire, that suffering ceases when desire ceases, and that enlightenment obtained through right conduct and wisdom and meditation releases one from desire and suffering and rebirth

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At the national park our first afternoon was spent climbing over 1,800 steps and negotiating precipitous walkways to a Buddist temple with spectacular views over the Karst.
LAHORE: (Saturday, December 13, 2014): Punjab University Career Counseling & Placement Centre (CCPC) organized seminar on "Buddist Circuit of Saarc" in the Department of Archeology.
At a meeting mediated by Rishad Bathiudeen Vanni MP and Minister of Industry and Commerce at 1.00pm on 06 April, with 100 members of squatter families, and where a delegation of 7 Buddist monks led by Watareka Wijitha Thero (Secretary, Jathika Bala Sena and MP, Mahiyangana Pradeshiya Sabha), were also present, the GA said that he will take some action on the issue in the next two weeks.
Located approximately 180 km (110 mi) east of Seoul, the capital of South Korea, the PyeongChang County is home to several Buddist temples including Woljeongsa.
They feel that [the Buddist temple] is part of the established structure, and people don't want to change, they don't want to rock the boat.
But even then she came home early from the Hare Krishna drop-in centre so she could practise her Buddist chanting.
(7) In both Taiwan and Korea today it is estimated that there are 20,000 (fully ordained) nuns (Tsomo "Buddist Nuns").
* Jayawardena K, 1994 "Religious and Cultural Identity and the Construction of Sinhala Buddist womenhood", 'Nivedini', A srilankan Feminist Journal, vol, 2, July, Womens Education Center, Colombo.
However, somebody said something after the Cessna first overflew the course trailing a banner - which was a reference to his Buddist background - asking the superstar: "Tiger: Did you mean Bootyism?" Next came: "Sex addict?
It was easy for the Japanese to accept the aesthetic criterion of hakkei because nature was part of their lives and they had a long tradition of tanka (short lyric poetry), which not only described the beauty of life and nature but also often referred to places noted in connection with Shintoist and Buddist deities and historic events.
The prominent Buddist religious leader who fled to India after China took political sovereignty over Tibet learned of Samen's 25 years of experience working with high-risk births in the U.S.
Ten percent of all the brand's profits are destined to the Asian Classics Input project, which rescues and translates ancient Buddist texts.
The book, compiled by Reverend Alan Boyd, includes sections of scripture and prayers from Sikh, Hindu, Baha'i, Jewish, Buddist, Muslim and Christian faiths.