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Synonyms for Buddha

one who has achieved a state of perfect enlightenment

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Addressing a rally here in village Buddho Kapri, he said that PPP had rather been transformed into Zardari League by (President) Asif Ali Zardari , who looted and destroyed all institutions of Pakistan ruthlessly during its 5-year tenure.
The nine virtues of an arahant or Buddha include: araham (away from the cycle of causes and effects) (55); sammasambuddho (fully self-enlightened); vijjacarana-sampanno (perfect in theory and conduct); sugato (going along the right path); lokavidu (knower of the world); anuttaro purisadammasarathi (incomparable leader of human beings to be tamed); sattha devamanussanam (the teacher of both higher and lower standards of people); buddho (the knower, awakened and delighted one); and bhagava (the distributor, who distributes dhamma for other people to know).
Mvu 1 51: paryca ca buddhakaryani avasyam kartavyani // katamani paryca // dharmacakram pravartayitavyam, mata vinetavya, pita vinetaryo, bcatddhavaineyaka satva vinetavyta, yuvaraja abhisimcitavyo // eso mamatyayena buddho loke bhavitsyati.
va sarvvakarajnajnata nasti buddho nasti dharmo nasti samgho nasti margo nasti phalo nasti samkles.