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"The Mohammedans are cutting Buddhist throats, too," added the Dragoman.
He made Philip acknowledge that those South Germans whom he saw in the Jesuit church were every bit as firmly convinced of the truth of Roman Catholicism as he was of that of the Church of England, and from that he led him to admit that the Mahommedan and the Buddhist were convinced also of the truth of their respective religions.
It is Sakya Muni himself,' the lama half sobbed; and under his breath began the wonderful Buddhist invocation:
The Curator would have detained him: they are few in the world who still have the secret of the conventional brush-pen Buddhist pictures which are, as it were, half written and half drawn.
A shaven, crouching Balti, who had come down with the horses, and who was nominally some sort of degraded Buddhist, fawned upon the priest, and in thick gutturals besought the Holy One to sit at the horseboys' fire.
This would be a boon to Buddhists throughout the world going on pilgrimage to the Ladakh area, he added.
Summary: Buddhists, incited by charismatic monks, have entered an era of militant tribalism
Finance Minister Mangala Samaraweera tweeted saying true Buddhists must unite against the "Talibanization" of the great philosophy of Buddhism which promotes peace and love to all beings.
Massiullah Bacha, a former site attendant, said its significance and importance for practicing Buddhists could be judged from the fact that many important dignitaries had visited the site, including in October 2014 when Buddhist monks from South Korea came to offer special prayers for world peace.
'Apart from organizing International Buddhist conclave, Pakistan should organize different events as per Buddhist calendar to observe the important religious day officially like India does, to make Pakistan a key pilgrimage destination for millions of practicing Buddhists around the world,' Professor Lee added.
'Kathin Chibar Dan' is an annual religious festival during which Buddhists donate to monks different items required for living the life of a monk, including a cloth robe woven in their own looms.
The Buddhists in Sri Lanka believe that as long as the mighty, gnarled and more than 2,000 years old Sri Maha Bodhi bears green leaves, Buddhism will also exist in Sri Lanka.
Tensions between the island's majority Buddhists and minority Muslims have worsened in recent years, amid the growth of hardline Sinhalese Buddhist groups that accuse Muslims of forcing people to convert and destroying sacred Buddhist sites.
Sri Lankadeclared a nationwide state of emergency for 10 days on Tuesday to stop the spread of communal violence, a government spokesman said, after clashes erupted between majority Buddhists and members of the minority Muslim community.