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of or relating to or supporting Buddhism


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In Cikshasamuccaya: A Compendium of Buddhistic Teaching Compiled By Cantideva Chiefly From Earlier Mahayana-Sutras.
A Record of Buddhistic Kingdoms, Being an Account by the Chinese Monk Fa-Hien of his Travels in India and Ceylon (A.
Xinhua, "Cambodia to Host Regional Buddhistic Tourism Forum", 26 de abril, 2010.
Every utterance, every written word, every claim of the type "Buddhism holds" or "the Buddha taught" or "according to the Heart Sutra/Pali canon/Shobogenzo/this or that teacher," every attempt to formulate a "Buddhist" (or crypto-Buddhist/mindfulness) response/solution to X invariably instantiates buddhistic decision.
The topics include the Brahmanas and the sacrificial systems, the Buddhistic movement and its influence on Brahmanism, the doctrine of devotion (bhakti) as developed in the puranas and tantras, and modern castes.
Early in the morning, streams were still frozen when I entered that sacred seat of the famous Buddhist teachers who, in the past, did splendid work for Buddhistic studies, translation of scriptures and even for the spread of Buddhism in the far-off Mongolia.
Of course, 'beat,' as in 'Beat Generation', as Kerouac himself helped to establish it, was intended to connote 'beatitude'--yes, inclusively Buddhistic, but not instead of Western Judeo-Christian.
Their rituals are a combination of Buddhistic, animistic, and Brahmanical elements.
Tsai's Avalokitesvara, and in particular the three-paneled crown and the gesture of the hand holding a lotus, resembles the Avalokitesvara in the "Pure Land," or Buddhistic paradise, that the Horyuji mural paintings depict.
With a lesser artist, these styles might easily provoke the feeling of farce and devolve into the harmless game that Salzman imagines in Variations IV Instead, she presents each style with a persuasive conviction that ultimately invites a Buddhistic reaction from the listener: attending to each style, experiencing an emotion (amusement, bewilderment, irritation), and leaving the impression behind.
Einstein, on the other hand, appears to have encountered Buddhistic teachings largely through his reading of Schopenhauer and seems to have found them confirmatory of views already developed, rather than productive of new modes of thinking.
It won't work for Christians to engage in Buddhistic (Buddhist-like) meditative practices without acknowledging as authentic the salvific or liberative core of that practice.
As Tibetan Buddhism is a hybrid of buddhistic thought (as it arrived from India) and Tibet's indigenous shamanic religion Bon, Tibetan tankas incorporate Bon's gods, demons, and their magic accoutrements (each, of course, having symbolic value): skull bowls, swells of blood, severed head garlands (for the terrifying deities), blue lotuses, conch shells, be-ribboned umbrellas (for the beneficent gods), (1) lakes flaming and pacific, billowing stylized clouds, snow-tipped elongated mountains.
Woodberry observed that Shelley had almost a Buddhistic sympathy with life in its humblest form (qtd in Zillman 1959.
4) The central and western part of the area in particular--where the Kalasha valleys are located--thus remained almost completely beyond the reach of any substantial Brahminical or Buddhistic influence (Fussman 1977: 25; Cacopardo & Cacopardo 2001: 26-28).