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a dome-shaped shrine erected by Buddhists


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Pakistani researchers have discovered a Buddhist stupa surrounded by statues in Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa Province dating back to the Gandhara civilization of 2,500 years ago, the provincial Department of Archeology and Museums in Peshawar said late Monday.
Some veteran journalists will also pay their respects to Ishiyama at a Buddhist stupa built in his honor at Unaloam Pagoda, some 2 km away from the joint memorial.
Furthermore, when a private citizen sought permission to erect a Buddhist stupa in the same area, he was denied.
fire department, and a large Buddhist Stupa in La Jolla, California, among others.
Prince Charles seemed not to have a care in the world at the consecration of a Buddhist stupa in Yorkshire yesterday Picture: JOHN GILES
His new parliament building for Bhopal, the capital of the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh, in the middle of the country some 400 miles south of Delhi, quite consciously takes the form of its biggest assembly chamber (the Vidhan Sabha) from the great Buddhist stupa at Sanchi, some 30 miles north-east of the city, the nearest thing ever made (at least from the outside) to Boullee's Cenotaph to Newton.
While I agree that connecting the notion of the symbolic to notions of ritual and play may indeed be useful, I shall argue that (pace Duran) the more usual senses of symbol and icon can quite plausibly be used of the Buddhist stupa.
Taxila -- The revenue authorities registered a case of fraud against a private land developer, former military personnel who had encroached upon the path leading to ancient Buddhist stupa (Dharmarajika) and monastery, for illegally transferring and occupying the land.
The petitioners, retired Maj-Gen Saeed Ahmed Wahla and retired Brig Abdul Malik Khan informed the meeting that the path leading to the Buddhist Stupa and monastery, comprising Khasra No 151 of the revenue department, was protected under the Antiquities Act 1975.
To a request of the minister for provision of grants for the rehabilitation of the Buddhist Stupa and provision of long-term technical assistance in the restoration of the historic relics, the Korean Ambassador proposed preparation of proposals to present it to the Ministry Incharge for the purpose.
The site originally housed a cluster of seven ancient temples, along with a Buddhist stupa and the home of a warrior built between 6th and 13th century.Legend has it the pond was created by teardrops of Shiva over the death of his wife Sati.
PESHAWAR -- Archaeologists have discovered Buddhist sculptures and heads dating back to 2nd to 5th century AD during the ongoing excavation at Buddhist Stupa, known as Bhamala Buddhist complex, situated near Khanpur, District Haripur.
The Prime Minister will start his day with a visit to the famous Buddhist Stupa at Sarnath followed by a visit to the Central University of Tibetan Studies.