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Synonyms for Buddhist

one who follows the teachings of Buddha

of or relating to or supporting Buddhism


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"The Buddhists are cutting Mohammedan throats," the Dragoman replied, with oriental composure.
It was possible that a merciful judge, reserving the flames of hell for the heathen--Mahommedans, Buddhists, and the rest--would spare Dissenters and Roman Catholics
It is Sakya Muni himself,' the lama half sobbed; and under his breath began the wonderful Buddhist invocation:
The Curator would have detained him: they are few in the world who still have the secret of the conventional brush-pen Buddhist pictures which are, as it were, half written and half drawn.
A shaven, crouching Balti, who had come down with the horses, and who was nominally some sort of degraded Buddhist, fawned upon the priest, and in thick gutturals besought the Holy One to sit at the horseboys' fire.
TAXILA -- Korean monks visiting Buddhist religious sites in Pakistan have called for greater awareness and the promotion of these sites in Buddhist countries and around the world to increase religious tourism.
Summary: Colombo [Sri Lanka], Aug 9 (ANI): Two of the most revered Buddhist religious leaders of Sri Lanka have welcomed India's move to carve out Buddhist-majority Ladakh as a Union Territory, stating that it would further strengthen ties between the two countries.
GINTOTA, Sri Lanka: The Buddhist abbot was sitting cross-legged in his monastery, fulminating against the evils of Islam, when the petrol bomb exploded within earshot.
A Buddhist monk has come under attack for promoting hate against Muslims.
Venerable Sukyong seems every bit a solemn Buddhist monk when he beats the drum and sounds the "moktak," a wooden percussion instrument.
Taxila -- Korea university scholar Professor Lee Kun Jong expressed his disappointment and dismay over paucity of tourists' facilities at Taxila Museum and ancient Buddhist sites urging government to improve tourists' infrastructure to fetch religious tourists.
Abdul Hamid said thousand-year-old Buddhist heritage is closely linked with the soil and people of Bangladesh and the ancient Buddhist temples at different places are still bearing the bright examples.
21 -- Sri Lanka's Ambassador and nine monks presented the Buddhist house in Frohnau with an offshoot of the historic Bodhi tree.
THE young Thai football team and their coach rescued after being trapped in a cave for nearly three weeks have had their heads shaved as they prepare to become Buddhist novices and monks.
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