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one who has achieved a state of perfect enlightenment

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Visan was also happy with the recent renovation of Buddha Bar Dubai, explaining that reinvention in the hospitality market was important.
The team at Funky Buddha creates clothes that are "canvasses of expression", giving consumers the ability to be themselves and differentiate from the crowd.
A huge statue of Buddha, red neon and a multitude of mirrors could be a tad brash, yet the Asian styling works very well to create a cool and interesting ambiance.
The birthplace of Lord Buddha, our beloved brother Nepal is going through a massive crisis.
Dating from about the 7th century, the Sultanganj Buddha is a testimony to the skills of the sculptors and metalworkers of ancient India.
When we weep at our friend's news we have Moon faced Buddha down.
The project will be executed by the UNESCO Office in Kathmandu in close association with the Department of Archaeology and the Lumbini Development Trust to aid Nepal in its efforts to protect the birthplace of Lord Buddha.
Whilst mam, Merys and I scoured the bookstalls, Buddha attended a talk on the exploitation of domestic animals in mod ern literature.
Modi tweeted by stating ,"On Buddha Purnima, we bow to the venerable Lord Buddha,whose teachings have guided the entire humanity for centuries.
Her tattoo of a Buddha seated on a lotus flower was spotted on her right arm at Colombo international airport.
A BRITISH tourist is being booted out of Sri Lanka - for having a tattoo of Buddha on her arm.
Mariam Sharifi, an organizer of the ceremony along with a cultural group lighted 80 lanterns beside the Buddha statue where poetry and folk music programmes were organized.
THINK HAPPY DRINK HAPPY: Lucy, Jill, Laura and Kirsty(zy230114cowan-05) | IT'S BEEN A GOOD NIGHT: Will, Ryan and George (zy230114cowan-03) | OUR BAND IS CALLED TERMITE: Sam, Sam, Danny and George (zy230114cowan-12) | TRY AND KEEP UP WITH US LOT FROM SHEFFIELD: Nicola and Dean (zy230114cowan-13) | LITTLE BUDDHA IS BIG
Attackers who staged serial blasts at one of Buddhism's holiest sites this week also placed a bomb on a giant stone-carved idol of the Buddha that did not explode, police said Tuesday.
More specifically in this book, he seeks resolutely to protect and defend "the old Buddha" from "the scientific Buddha.