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one who has achieved a state of perfect enlightenment

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He also presented bottles containing extremely polluted water from the Kala Sangha drain and the Budda Nullah in Ludhiana to highlight the alarming level of contamination.
Gordon's tracks have also featured on compilations over the years, including CafA Del Mar, Real Ibiza, Budda Bar and many Ministry of Sound compilations.
As well as suggesting he was already in talks with Villa, Bentley also revealed that his Budda Beach bar was the perfect location for relaxing in the summer sunshine, saying: "There is no better place to hang out and have a beer right on the beach.
Martin, who attracts a few storylines, is honored in rapper Budda Early's "Start Your Engines.
Most of the cafes that line Solidere's streets have been shut down, and top clubs such as Taboo, Baby M and Budda Bar, which were once considered among the most popular in the country, have yet to reopen their doors - and may never do so.
to rehearse Palmieri's LP for the new label, Tropical Budda, and by that evening, the entire LP was created.
The psychic was declared bankrupt when his new Glasgow nightclub, Budda, shut in 2000.
Express treatments are available, along with massages, facials, manicures, lunch in the Budda Bar and there is an Elemis face-diagnosis machine which can read your skin condition and give a gorgeous detailed Elemis treatment programme.
Shooter is shooting along with all of us range guys war behind the rifle, he presses and Budda, Budda comes from the rifle--you guessed it--it doubled.
Jones is a writer, performer and cowriter of the musical fable Lil Budda.
using Polynesian rat MtDNA], Valentin, Budda et al.
I and many others would like to know because it's just not good enough to accuse Bertie Ahern of taking a bribe and then emerge from court with the inscrutable smile of Budda.
The upcoming ODB album "THE TRIALS AND TRIBULATIONS OF RUSSELL JONES" already boasts the likes of Mack 10, Big Syke, C-Murder, Budda Monk, Too Short and E-40.