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With appropriate institutional review board approval, we searched the archives of the Department of Pathology, Immunology, and Microbiology at Vanderbilt University Medical Center, Nashville, Tennessee, as well as the personal files of one of the authors, for liver specimens from patients carrying a preoperative or postoperative diagnosis of cardiac hepatopathy or Budd-Chiari syndrome.
Occurrence of hepatopulmonary syndrome in Budd-Chiari syndrome and the role of venous decompression.
Budd-Chiari syndrome should be considered in the differential diagnosis of a primary liver tumor.
His post-mortem report said: "This man has died of an extremely rare and unusual complication of malignant disease, namely the acute Budd-Chiari syndrome.
Key words: Venous portal hepatic system, Budd-Chiari Syndrome, Inferior cava vein, Portal hypertension, Color doppler ultrasonography.
In 1899, a pathologist Hans Chiari documented the histopathological features of Budd-Chiari syndrome.
1) Because chronic constrictive pericarditis can present with signs and symptoms similar to other disease processes such as chronic pulmonary emboli, Budd-Chiari syndrome, cirrhosis of the liver, or restrictive cardiomyopathy, the identification of diagnostic radiographic signs has become increasingly valuable.
Recent reports have described FNH and FNH-like lesions in a variety of different clinical and anatomic settings, including hypoplasia or agenesis of the portal vein,[2,3] Budd-Chiari syndrome,[4] cirrhosis of various etiologies,[5,6] hereditary hemorrhagic telangiectasia,[7] multiple FNH syndrome,[3] and adjacent to fibrolamellar carcinoma[8-13] and hydatid cyst.
Budd-Chiari Syndrome (BCS) is a hepatic venous outflow tract obstruction and involves abdominal pain, hepatomegaly and high-gradient ascites.
Most patients were alive and free of ascites a mean of 3 years after undergoing trans-jugular intrahepatic portosystemic shunt placement for management of Budd-Chiari syndrome, based on findings from a small study reported by Dr.
DISCUSSION: The Budd-Chiari syndrome is a rare entity with hypercoagulable state (4) Other causes are myeloproliferative disorders, Paroxysmal nocturnal hemoglobinuria, deficiencies of protein C, Protein S, and antithrombin III.
Other hepatic condition that can occur in pregnancy including Gall Stone Budd-Chiari syndrome acute herpes hepatitis caused by herpes virus 2 occurs in second and third trimesters, treatment is conservative or with antiviral therapy.
INTRODUCTION: Budd-Chiari syndrome is a heterogeneous group of disorders characterized by hepatic venous outflow obstruction at the level of the hepatic venules, the large hepatic veins, the inferior vena cava, or the right atrium (1).