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capital and largest city of Hungary

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WHERE TO VISIT: FAMILY: For a great family day out, Budapest Zoo is one of the oldest zoos in the world.
In twelve chapters, Bob Dent familiarizes the reader with the history of the architecture of Budapest, with Hungarian music and literature, and with "Budapest's present-day identity and its links with the past" (ix).
However, that's not to say there's a lack of choice in Budapest. Quite the reverse.
Budapest: HUN-idea Szellemi Hagyomanyorzo Muhely, 2006.
Balint returned to Budapest in the early '90s and continued to write and direct.
Asking what it meant to the city of Budapest, Cardinal Erdo pointed out that it meant a woman of today, a thoroughly modern woman, could follow the Christian ideal and be shown to all people as an example of Christian life.
BAA secured full operational and strategic control of Budapest Airport after beating off competition from German construction giant Hochtief and Frankfurt airport operator Fraport.
Istvan University Faculty of Veterinary Science, Budapest, Hungary; and ([dagger]) Center for Tick-borne Disease, Budapest, Hungary
NORDIC BUSINESS REPORT-25 March 2004-IFS wins new IFS Applications contract from Budapest Airport Rt(C)1994-2004 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD
By the end of Europe's staggering summer heat wave, Budapest's ornate bridges were looking strange.
Erick van Egeraat was commissioned to remodel and extend the stolid late nineteenth-century building and has done so with his customary brio, orchestrating provocative tensions between old and new that recall previous projects such as his intervention at the Crawford Municipal Art Gallery in Cork (AR August 2000), where a new volume clad in a rippling brick skin was inserted into an existing historic structure, and the ING Bank in Budapest (AR July 1995), where a bulbous interloper spectacularly ruptured the roof of a conventional courtyard block.
The first small volume (98 pp.) of the series appeared in 1991 under the title: History and Society in Central Europe: Vienna - Budapest: Studies in Urban History, edited by Vera Bicskai of the University of Budapest [ELTE].
And just as SoHo is becoming a New York hotspot on the western side of the Atlantic, Prague and Budapest are enjoying@ tremendous growth as retail capitals on mainland Europe with the arrival of U.S.
In 1870, Budapest and New York were rising stars of urban modernization.