carbon nanotube

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a fullerene molecule having a cylindrical or toroidal shape


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Some of the materials and processes with space applications include nanoparticles (ultrafine powders); carbon nanotubes or buckytubes (strips of graphite rolled up into a cylinder, 40 to 60 times stronger than industrial steel); nanolithography (a process used to make electronic microchips); nanomanipulation (the ability to manipulate on the nanoscale which has been done in two dimensions for over a decade and scientists are now working toward third dimension); nanoelectronics (the most advanced capabilities that can be synthesized by self-assembly); nanomemories (the process of reading and writing data at molecular densities); nanobatteries; and the process of self-assembly (atomically precise pieces sticking together using chemistry or molecular biology).
To start with, researchers have to deal with such problems as the lack of uniformity in buckytube sizes and the potential difficulty of separating filled from empty tubes.
Buckytubes, in turn, could line up side by side to form bundles, or ropes.
Ever since chemists discovered buckytubes (SN: 11/16/91, p.