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a form of carbon having a large molecule consisting of an empty cage of sixty or more carbon atoms

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New York, NY-based GEMZ Corporation recently announced plans to acquire development rights for a patent-pending technology that uses a thermal acoustic technique to cost-effectively produce Carbon 60 (C60), also known as "bucky balls," which efficiently store hydrogen in carbon nanotubes.
Carbon nanotubes recently were discovered in the byproducts of carbon fullerene (Bucky balls) production.
Scientists from Bell Labs, the research and development arm of the US telecomms equipment maker Lucent Technologies, have demonstrated that soccer ball-shaped carbon molecules known as bucky balls can act as superconductors at relatively warm temperatures.
Midland scientists have developed "sticky bucky balls" at room temperature.
These ultrastable particles are nicknamed fullerenes or bucky balls because of their resemblance to the geodesic domes designed by the late R.