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a form of carbon having a large molecule consisting of an empty cage of sixty or more carbon atoms

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The discovery could be a serious set back for the bucky ball - dubbed The World's Most Beautiful Molecule.
for --Lubricant grinding and cutting hard objects --Electrodes in cells/batteries BUCKY BALL CARBON NANOTUBE CARBON-ONLY MATERIALS SYNTHETIC (NANOTECHNOLOGY) STRUCTURE EXAMPLES OF USES --Traps drugs or fuel --Very strong fibre for slow release in systems --Electronics (good conductors of heat --Super-molecular ball and electricity) bearings as lubricants --As sensors injected --As catalysts and into cells for cancer superconductors drugs Table 3) Suggested outline of concepts and activities for Years 6-9 students YEAR LEVEL 6 7/8 9 VELS LEVEL 4 LEVEL 5 LEVEL 6 INTRODUCTION Probe (i) what students know: open discussions about the meaning of nanotechnology (ii) use stimulus statements e.g.
Craig Zucker started Bucky Balls in 2009 but later faced concern from the (https://www.cpsc.gov/) Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) regarding possible safety risks.
Buckminster Fuller have the same geometry, leading scientists to refer to C60 as 'buckminsterfullerene' or 'bucky balls.'...
Top-selling products that will be available at the show include Soul Pro Headphones by Ludacris, Monster Diddybeats Earphones, Moshi Moshi Handsets, H1 Zoom Recorders, Bucky Balls, Smurfs Collectibles, iStyle Originals, DC Marvel Comics iHip Headphones, Liquid Image Camera Mask, JCB Tradesman, EMTEC USB, Idapt Chargers, Angry Bird T-shirts and many more, the company added.
Lon Wilson, PhD, also from Rice University, has looked at the therapeutic and imaging possibilities of carbon-based molecular scaffolds, specifically fullerenes (bucky balls) and carbon-based nanotubes.