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United States architect who invented the geodesic dome (1895-1983)

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FAVORITE BOOK: Buckminister Fuller's Operating Manual for Spaceship Earth
A long long time ago, I was interested in polyglot figures, people like John Cage and Marcel Duchamp and Buckminister Fuller who somehow managed to be generalists and not specialists, and put all the imagery together.
Embedded in 250-million-year-old rock samples found in China and Japan are soccer ball-shaped molecules called buckyballs (named after scientist Buckminister Fuller, who discovered them).
He approved of the Quakers' love of neighbor, attributing Pennsylvania's liberal and humane spirit to its "benevolent founder" William Penn, but felt that some American clergymen, particularly Methodist circuit riders, were "fanatics who need nothing but inspirations." Although the clergy in America enjoyed neither monetary rewards nor special honors, the United States nonetheless had produced "distinguished preachers" like Ellery Charming, Richard Furman, Joseph Buckminister, and Timothy Dwight.
Radano's New Musical Figurations: Anthony Braxton's Cultural Critique takes as its subject, by contrast, an almost singularly esoteric artist, an avant-garde experimentalist dubbed by one critic as "the Buckminister Fuller of Jazz." Hasse, hewing to a vein of jazz commentary that reaches back to the 1930s, achieves something of an apotheosis of traditional jazz historiography.
To do less, in the words of Buckminister Fuller, would be to race into the future with eyes on the rear-view mirror.
Buckminister Fuller), and promptly began work on a paper for NATURE (SN: 11/23/85, p.325).