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the London residence of the British sovereign

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Elaine, who has lived in Buckingham House for 27 years, said: "Tuesday I spent the day in the hospital and, when I came back, I found out, after half an hour waiting downstairs for the lift to be fixed, I had to walk all the way up 18 flights of stairs.
Ever since George 1v's extravagant rebuilding of the former Buckingham House was unveiled to the public, the building has had a bad press.
Four-bedroom homes in the Thornton and Buckingham house styles are also available, priced from pounds 174,995 to pounds 194,995.
Binks Vertical beat two major schemes in Leeds - Buckingham House at Headingley and Clarence Dock in the city centre - to take the title.
Many works in the collection originally came from Buckingham House, the London home of Sir Reginald's famous ancestor, John Sheffield, first Duke of Buckingham.
They will be digging at Buckingham Palace, uncovering new finds and hoping to determine the exact location and layout of the original Buckingham House, as well as the original garden layout and design.
The new home took the name Buckingham House (to some in the vernacular, "Buck House").
Attec UK Ltd, Buckingham House, 3 West Street, Congleton, Cheshire CW12 1JN.
IT was originally built in 1702 as the London home of the Duke of Buckingham and was simply called Buckingham House. In 1761, King George III bought it for his wife, Queen Charlotte.
1837 Queen Victoria moved into Buckingham House, the first monarch to live there.
Wicked spies overheard a bizarre conversation during a recent Buckingham House party for rank-and-file MPs.
Selected developments include Lynch Street, a $12.5 million project in Brooklyn; Highbridge Park, 35 three-family homes in The Bronx; Jamaica East, 34 two-family homes and 60 condominiums in Queens; and Buckingham House in Staten Island, a $2.2 million gut rehabilitation project funded under HPD's SRO Program.
Lynda Gullason assesses the 1790s trade in alcohol, tobacco, metal goods, and clothing with "7 different nations" at the Hudson's Bay Company's Buckingham House and the North West Company's Fort George on the North Saskatchewan River.
1.King George III bought Buckingham House in 1762 for pounds 28,000.