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Ohio would be another feather in the cap for MedMen, which will gain exposure to the Buckeye State as well once its PharmaCann purchase has closed.
What makes the Buckeye State so good for whitetails, Morgan believes, is an almost perfect blend of rugged terrain covered in hardwood forest, along with plenty of agriculture to boost deer nutrition.
A: I am from the Buckeye state, and my hometown is Hilliard, Ohio, located just 13 miles northwest of Columbus.
In fact, in six of the past 16 years the world's top-scoring wild whitetail was shot in the Buckeye State. So when it comes to deer management, someone there clearly has been doing something right.
Not only will the Buckeye State play a key role in determining the outcome of the presidential race but it may decide which party controls the United States Senate come January.
So called because of a type of tree that abounds there, what in America is the Buckeye State? The Knesset is the parliament of which country?
"There's some good news for workers in Ohio: for the first time ever, Ford will shift medium-duty truck production to the Buckeye State, out of Mexico.
Uhl envisions as many as a dozen mini West Point Markets dotting the Buckeye State.
The so called "jock tax" is what is in question here, and David Blum, co-chair of the Tax Planning & Litigation group and chair of the Sports Law Group at Levenfeld Pearlstein, notes that the state of Ohio has carved out an exemption in its tax law for people who only work in the Buckeye State for a few days.
A Guide to Geologic Sites in the Buckeye State is a wonderful blend of educational resource and travel guide for all ages.
Brimming with anticipation, I was only two hours into the drive to the Buckeye State when I hammered a spike buck on the interstate with my Dodge truck, resulting in a busted radiator.
"Trash talking, but we're still talking," Stanford joked when asked if Washington forgave him for leaving the Buckeye State to play for the Ducks.
In 1997, the Buckeye State embraced a new approach to public-education delivery, launching a pilot program of community (charter) schools.
The Buckeye State has the dubious honor of leading the nation in spills involving dangerous materials, whether it is from derailed freight trains, overturned trucks or other mishaps, according to an investigation by the Cincinnati Enquirer.
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