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In 1997, the Buckeye State embraced a new approach to public-education delivery, launching a pilot program of community (charter) schools.
The Buckeye State has the dubious honor of leading the nation in spills involving dangerous materials, whether it is from derailed freight trains, overturned trucks or other mishaps, according to an investigation by the Cincinnati Enquirer.
The Buckeye state ranks 6th lowest in homeowners and 9th lowest in auto insurance costs in the country.
DAYTON, Ohio (AP) -- An $11 million investment by the state of Ohio will create as many as 3,500 internships and co-ops for college students and may help fight the "brain drain" from the Buckeye State, officials said.
Lawmakers in the Buckeye State and elsewhere tout the tax credit as a way to create jobs, bring national attention to flyover cities, and eventually create a thriving film production industry.
Ohio is perhaps the most critical, seeing as no Republican has ever clinched the presidency without also winning the Buckeye State.
The race in the Buckeye State has remained essentially the same throughout October, with all three CNN/ORC polls taken in the month showing Obama between 50 percent and 51 percent and all three showing Romney between 46 percent and 47 percent.
The first conference was in Cleveland, OH, and the association is returning to the Buckeye state on this diamond anniversary.
So it's no wonder Romney will be in Ohio Tuesday and Wednesday for a bus tour, or that Obama will also be visiting the Buckeye state Wednesday as he fights to hang onto his four-point lead in the polls.
That being said, hunters are still killing record-book bucks in the Buckeye State each year.
With Ohio State, Cincinnati, Xavier and Ohio University all still playing, a quarter of the Sweet Sixteen field is from the Buckeye State.
It will add another two in Ohio, bringing its total in the Buckeye State to 128.
However, Ohio had more deals (nearly double) than Minnesota--the report concludes that 25 investment deals occurred in the Buckeye State in the first half of 2011, while Minnesota had 13.
of Akron) analyze the main factors contributing to these patterns in the Buckeye State.
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