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an unethical or overly aggressive brokerage firm

(formerly) a cheap saloon selling liquor by the bucket

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The result has been almost no one having credit and the banks, hedge funds, and modern bucket shops being paid handsomely for the privilege.
Most of the bucket shops died with the Stock Market Crash of 1929.
This question -- which is at the core of Ann Fabian's Card Sharps and Bucket Shops -- is reason enough to justify reprinting a book first published in 1990.
In fact, last week bucket shops were offering flight-only deals to the Dominican Republic for just pounds 89 return.
Someone should come to Youngstown and find out what people do for a living--see the number of steelworkers who are working in bucket shops without even a pretense of health benefits.
One of the best ways to snare a low-cost flight is through the ticket agencies known alternately as consolidators or "bucket shops." Don't be put off by the name.
Direct descendant of scandal-plagued Lasater & Co., Little Rock's symbol of high-flying, cocaine-snorting bond daddies, the death of ARH is a sign that Little Rock's bucket shops as a whole are comatose.
Usually operating out of low-rent offices called "boiler rooms' or "bucket shops,' the con artists behind telephone frauds use the same kinds of carefully crafted scripts, the same phone call technology that honest telemarketers do.