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a saw that is set in a frame in the shape of an H

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The herd buck saw this brave intruder and charged--I mean he was coming!
A: If the buck saw you or smelled you in conjunction with the grazing hit then you should hunt him somewhere else.
That was the last Buck saw of the man in the red sweater, and as he looked at receding Seattle from the deck of a ship, it was the last he saw of warm land.
I saw his horns first and was able to draw my bow, but the buck saw me before his vitals came into view and in the time it took to release my arrow he'd bolted to the left at a range of 15 yards.
This time Jason was in a different stand, but the outcome was the same: The buck saw him and left in a flash.
When the big buck saw him, he immediately ran the 10-point out to the edge of the timber.
Suddenly, the buck saw the doe moving out of his view and he took two more steps, offering Ed a broadside shot at 17 yards.
When the button buck saw my motion, his alert body language caused the other two deer to stop and turn broadside.