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German organic chemist who studied alcoholic fermentation and discovered zymase (1860-1917)

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Although it is not credited as an adaptation, Leonard's play follows closely the essential outlines of Buchner's influential early 19th-century work, which pointed the way toward German expressionism and absurdist writers of more than a century later.
Ranciere's discussions of Buchner and Rilke articulate divergent modifications of the experience of Wordsworth.
Buchner's original script is but a collection of fragments, the inspired creation of a young man that has inspired a whole tranche of experimental theatre since it was written in the 1830s, presumably because it rejected all the conventions of well-made theatre and had no beginning, middle or end.
(40.) Johann Christoph Buchner, Johann George Olbricht, and Martin Ludwig, Praeceptores, August, 1721.
Norbert Buchner, an engineer who spoke at Anuga FoodTec, the food equipment exposition in Cologne Nov.
"The crackdown is under way--we're being harassed twenty-four hours a day instead of ten," says John Buchner, a homeless man who has lived in Atlanta for the last ten years.
Buchner's three plays were clearly influenced in style by William Shakespeare and by the German Romantic Sturm und Drang movement.
Secondary wood manufacturers jumping on the green bandwagon include Colonial Craft, a leading millwork manufacturer, and Buchner Panel Manufacturing.
In 1896 a German chemist, Eduard Buchner (1860-1917), wondered if the enzymes in yeast would work if they were extracted from the living cell.
By Georg Buchner. Production conceived and directed by Robert Wilson.
Georg Buchner had worked on his drama Woyzeck for only a few months before he died of typhus in 1837 at the age of 23.
Buchner, 929 F.2d 660, 18 USPQ 2d 1331 (CAFC 1991), forebodes the severe curtailment of using affidavits in this area.
(1813 - 1837) German dramatist Buchner is known especially for the brilliant imagination and theatrical skill with which he treats social, human, and metaphysical problems in the plays Dantons Tod and Woyzeck.