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a Nazi concentration camp for Jews in World War II that was located in central Germany

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The bookends to Ted Schwartz's war were Omaha Beach and the Buchenwald concentration camp, two versions of hell on Earth.
Geiser also admitted that he served as an armed guard at Buchenwald Concentration Camp and its Arolsen subcamp from mid-November 1943 until April 11, 1945.
Jacques Lusseyran, a Frenchman who survived the Buchenwald concentration camp, says he learned "that poetry is an act, an incantation, a kiss of peace, a medicine .
I kept in touch with a girl called Sophie who is my age and whose grandfather Leopold Karpelesz was in the Buchenwald concentration camp.
To add insult to injury, Obama followed up his Cairo visit with a tour of Buchenwald concentration camp in Germany.
In close proximity to Dresden is the Buchenwald concentration camp, one of the first and largest of the Nazi camps.
The city is considered by many as Germany's cultural jewel of the east and is also close to the Buchenwald concentration camp memorial Mr Obama plans to visit later.
The president spent less than a day on Friday in Germany, where he held talks with German Chancellor Angela Merkel and visited the Buchenwald concentration camp that his great uncle helped to liberate in World War Two.
The US president will also on Friday travel to the former Buchenwald concentration camp to commemorate victims of the Holocaust.
The US president, whose popularity in the Arab world has risen sharply, will proceed to Germany on Friday to meet Chancellor Angela Merkel, visit the Buchenwald concentration camp and wounded US troops at Landstuhl.
Her photographs of the horrors of Germany's Buchenwald concentration camp shocked the world.
Mr Kapitanec was sent to Buchenwald concentration camp.
That performance, in a token of remembrance and reconciliation, comes despite the dark shadow of the Nazis' former Buchenwald concentration camp in a beech forest up the hill from Weimar, where 56,000 inmates died from 1937 to 1945.
Subsequently, on November 8, 1993, Congress passed House Concurrent Resolution 88, "Commending American Airmen Held as Prisoners at Buchenwald Concentration Camp in World War II," recognizing the men's "faithful service, personal bravery, and exceptional fortitude.
You'll be uplifted by the stories of a Buchenwald concentration camp survivor (one of only 10 people who escaped).