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national capital and largest city of Romania in southeastern Romania

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The tournament will kick off with a match between Seeb and Steaua Bucharest at 6.
Opened in 1899 by three brothers who wanted to sell their uncle's beer, it soon became a magnet for Bucharest society, with playwright Ion Luca Caragiale, poet George Cosbuc and even King Carol I eating there.
Romanian Social Dialogue Minister Aurelia, Bucharest Governor Paul Nicolae Petrovani Former Prime Minister and candidate for presidency Mihai Razvan Angureanux, EU deputy Clodia Tapardel and Bosnia Herzegovinian Ambassador to Bucharest Dusko Kovacevic attended at the event.
The Bucharest office should address the same needs for our customers worldwide.
MATCH BETTING BET365 BETFRED BETVICTOR BOYLE CORAL HILLS LADS POWER Vardar Skopje 5 9-2 21-4 21-4 9-2 5 9-2 9-2 Steaua Bucharest 8-15 1-2 8-15 8-15 1-2 8-15 1-2 4-7 Draw 3 11-4 16-5 3 13-5 11-4 11-4 14-5 Best-price percentage: 104
The Balkan Wars and the Treaty of Bucharest (1912-1913) represent a historic milestone for the entire region.
If there is a remaining piece of the 'Little Paris' that Bucharest once was, Lipscani is it.
With the addition of Bucharest, we now fly to 13 destinations across eight countries in the region and I would like to personally thank everyone who has been involved in helping us introduce our flights to Bucharest.
The Court refuses to interfere with NATO's decision at the Summit in Bucharest or the negotiations over the name issue conducted at the UN and those two issues, as Mr.
The couple was ousted before the building was finished, but in the process traditional Bucharest homes with gardens as well as historical monuments were irrevocably lost.
BUCHAREST, Oct 31, 2010 (TUR) -- A Turkish company has opened a private hospital in Bucharest, Romania
Low cost Central and Eastern European carrier Wizz Air yesterday announced that it will be increasing its capacity in Bucharest.
Summary: BEIRUT: A Lebanese University (LU) professor delivered lectures on the locally renowned poet Jawdat Haidar at the universities of Bucharest and Veliko Tarnovo.
It also aims to further boost and implement the agreements signed between the two Chambers, particularly after the agreements signed following the June 2008 visit by a delegation of CCI of the Centre to Bucharest and Timisoara.
London (Luton) will also be accessible via Bucharest.