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Penis length was used to calculate a standardized index (PI) which is used as an indicator of sexual maturity in the commercially exploited Buccinum undatum (Santarelli-Chaurand 1985, Martel et al.
The classifications for each stage followed descriptions of Buccinum isaotakii (e.
1986) reported that sperm are transferred quickly from the bursa to the seminal receptacle in Buccinum undatum, taking at the most 3 days.
We observed heavy trematode infections of whelks, Buccinum undatum, from the Mingan Islands, eastern Canada, by larval stages of a species of Neophasis.
Shell damage and mortality in the common whelk Buccinum undatum caused by beam trawl fishery.
Die Entwicklung von Vorderdarm, Macromeren und Enddarm unter dem Einfluss von Nahreiern bei Buccinum, Murex und Nucella (Gastropoda, Prosobranchia).
Mating, development and effects on female size on offspring number and size in the neogastrod Buccinum isaotakii (Kira, 1959).
Second, prosobranch osphradia demonstrate a wide range of complexity, ranging from a hardly noticeable structure in Littorina littorea, to a large, gill-like organ--the so-called bipectinate osphradium--in Buccinum undatum.
Development and effect of female size on egg and juvenile production in the Neogastropod Buccinum cyaneum from the Saguenay fjord.
Eupleura caudata: MacKenzie 1961; Buccinum isaotakii: Ilano et al.
5 Anomia aculeata (Muller) -- Buccinum undatum (Linnaeus) 3.