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On some species of the families Tonnidae, Hipponicidae, Buccinidae, Columbariidae, Fasciolariidae, Psammobiidae and Mactridae (Mollusca) in South African waters.
Resultados y discusion Subclase Caenogastropoda Orden Neotaenioglosa Suborden Neogastropoda Superfamilia Muricoidea Familia Buccinidae Rafinesque, 1815 Subfamilia Photinae Genero Northia Gray, 1847 Northia pristis (Deshayes in Lamarck, 1844)
2 X Mollusca: Gastropoda Aclididae Aesopus X Balcis X Buccinidae X X X X Capulus X Cerithiopsis X X X X Conus X Crepipatella lingulata Gould, 1846 Epitonium X X X Gastropod X Littorina X X Natica Naticidae X Odosthomia X Rissoella 0.
To calibrate a molecular clock for the abyssochrysoids, we relied on a vicariant event (closure of the Isthmus of Panama) and fossil calibrations from the Provannidae and Buccinidae.
The spotted Babylon, Babylonia areolata Link 1807, is a gastropod in the order Neogastropoda, family Buccinidae (Habe 1965).