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a lymph node that is inflamed and swollen because of plague or gonorrhea or tuberculosis

a genus of Strigidae

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Full-thickness mesh skin grafts in two great horned owls (Bubo virginianus).
The head of Slovak travel company Bubo Travel Agency Lubos Fellner said that his company is the largest tour operator in Slovakia offering tours to the historic cities of Uzbekistan.
###Strigidae###Dusky Eagle Owl Bubo coromandus###YRR###LC###79###1.0614###0.090389###C
A definitive diagnosis required bubo aspiration and culture, which was performed but required 48 hours before results would be available.
Ophthalmic reference values and lesions in two captive populations of northern owls: great grey owls (Strix nebulosa) and snowy owls (Bubo scandiacus).
According to the whole variables studied in this paper, Bubo bubo may be considered as an intermediate category (2) of predator modification (Andrews 1990).
On April 8, 2010, the United States Department of the Treasury (Treasury) designated two Guinea-Bissau-based individuals, former Bissau-Guinean Navy Chief of Staff Admiral Jose Americo Bubo Na Tchuto and Air Force Chief of Staff Ibraima Papa Camara, as drug kingpins, thereby prohibiting U.S.
STIs in Females HIV 284 Vaginocervical discharge 1092 Genitoulcerative disease (non-Herpetic) 6 Genitoulcerative disease (Herpetic) 105 Lower abdominal pain 233 Inguinal bubo 6 Warts 42 Syphilis 21 Table 2.
Caption: Figure 3: An axillary bubo of a child infected with bubonic plague (photo: A.
Key words: Bubo virginianus, diet, environmental gradient, food niche breadth, Great Horned Owl, Oregon
Los restos hallados en egagropilas corresponden a acumulaciones en su mayoria generadas por las aves estrigiformes Tyto alba (Tytonidae), Athene cunicularia y Bubo magellanicus (Strigidae).
Nevertheless, Baker (1962) found owls, specifically Great Horned Owls (Bubo virginianus), to be one of the least effective avian predators near a cave in New Mexico.
brasiliensis (Baker, 1962; Wilkins, 1989, Byre, 1990; Hoetker and Gobalet, 1999): Accipiter cooperii (Cooper's hawk); Accipiter striatus (sharp-shinned hawk); Athene cumcularia (burrowing owl); Bubo virginianus (great horned owl); Buteo jamaicensis (red-tailed hawk); Buteo siuainsoni (Swainson's hawk); Circus cyaneus (northern harrier); F.
According to experts, the bubonic plague form, transmitted from person to person by direct contact and usually localized in bubo, is not as dangerous as pneumonic plague, which is spread by airborne transmission.
Bubo: One cannot visit Barcelona without 'playing' in the amazing boutique Bubo, located in Carrer Caputxes.