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Synonyms for rosewood

hard dark reddish wood of a rosewood tree having a strongly marked grain

any of those hardwood trees of the genus Dalbergia that yield rosewood--valuable cabinet woods of a dark red or purplish color streaked and variegated with black

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The inlaid dragon is made of African bubinga and Amboyna burlwood.
For instance, the Kodiak Magnum ($499), a quick-handling 52-inch dynamo, represents a 50th Anniversary model (1961-2011), including a one-piece exotic African bubinga handle and "Grayling Green" glass limbs formulated using an original Kodiak Magnum as a color plate.
I get mahogany, bubinga, wenge, some of the most beautiful woods that I would never afford but there it is, free."
The company, which is known for its specialization in international wood and wood product trading with West Africa, is currently showcasing its 30 years of experienced trading with a wide product display of exotic timber including iroko, sapelli, ayous, samba, tali, okan, ako, amazokoue, badi, mansonia, embero, boda, bosse, bubinga, dabema, emien, etimoe, eyong, frake, okoume, limbali, agba, izombe and azobe.
The company is offering a new luxury package to the full-size Sports Utility Vehicle that includes semi-aniline, leather-trimmed seats, Bubinga wood trim, a cool box and smart card key.
Exotic Bubinga wall paneling, banded with stainless steel combined with imported crema marfil marble flooring provide an ideal backdrop for the gently curved stainless steel mesh and marble security desk.
Before retiring, I was limited to Saturdays, but even so, I have produced one or more sculptures a year, from basswood, bubinga, black walnut, mahogany, and soapstone or alabaster.
It features forged high-carbon steel blades with triple stainless-steel rivets, and is available with either black, pakka wood or bubinga wood handles.
Made of woods such as snakewood, bubinga, quilted maple, ebony, mahogany and zebrawood, Wiklund's tables are stunning, with a simplicity and smoothness that belie the almost eight weeks of toil that go into handcrafting each one.
Other craftsmen designed and built the mahogany and bubinga case for the gavel and block, which has a laser cut of the NLC logo.
Rochman capped the newels and handrails with bubinga, an African rosewood, in part for its rich color.
Longhurst created the original sculpture, which is made from kiln-dried Bubinga wood and mounted on a marble base.
Nathan has invested so much time in the study of wood and its components he can tell the variety by its odor including more exotic woods like bubinga.
The Signature Series takedown recurve weighs only slightly over two pounds with laminated African bubinga and curly maple woods.