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a shallow drum with a single drumhead and with metallic disks in the sides

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(37.) Zdenka Buben, "Medical Social Work in a Public Health Department" (paper presented at the Conference of Social Work, 1930) DHS.
It was previously reported that neither administered PERC dose nor total urinary PERC metabolite levels were correlated with liver triglyceride accumulation in mice (Buben and O'Flaherty 1985).
Survivors include his wife; two daughters, Janet Bombard of Seaside and Annette Buben of Arlington, Texas; three sons, Mike of Lincoln, Calif., Tony of O'Fallon, Mo., and Danny of Yuma, Ariz.; numerous brothers and sisters; eight grandchildren; and two great-grand children.
ADAM BUBEN, "The Existential Compromise in the History of the Philosophy of Death." Charles B.
Along with Nichols and Jeff Buben of Vidalia, Ziebold says of his third mentor, "Thomas [Keller] is certainly the one that has influenced me the most from a philosophical standpoint in my approach to just about everything: from the way you deal with your staff, to your purveyors, to you' guests, to the overall philosophy of what you do day to day."
Nikolskii, G, Buben, NY, "The Application of Radiothermoluminescence Method to the Analysis of Polymers and Polymer Composites." Phys.
Lee Scott, along with Andrew Buben and Tyler Elm, vice president and senior director of corporate strategy and business sustainability, respectively, recognized that in contrast to those early campaigns, their new sustainability strategy would need to be deeply embedded in Wal-Mart's operations and supply chain management to meet the ambitious goals set in 2005.
We should not accuse the leaders, but the fault-finders at home who have undermined the spirit of 1914 in years of malicious, selfish blindness until enemies of the fatherland (vaterlandsfeindliche Buben) at the helm of the infatuated, seduced German youth that was too cowardly to go into the field or to sea, attacked the German army in the back.
In Struwwelpeter, "Die Geschichte von den schwarzen Buben" demonstrates the ingrained racism of its day.
The 15th annual Sagebrush Classic, July 16 -17, held in Bend, OR, culminates in a culinary gala with such returning chefs as Roberto Donna, Galileo, Washington, DC; Gregg Higgins, Higgins Restaurant and Bar, Portland; Cory Schreiber, Wildwood, Portland; and Jeffrey Buben, Vidalia, Washington, DC are being joined this year by Cesare Casella, Beppe, New York; Tony Mantuano, Spiaggia, Chicago; and chefs from Bahrain, San Francisco, Seattle and Thailand.
Contact Diane Buben, public relations manager, 610-251-2738, fax 610-251-2775, e-mail dbuben@cpcusociety.org, web site www.cpcusociety.org.
and Buben, J.: 1976, Prediction of rock bursts in Kladno colliery by means of the two-channel Wiener predictive filtration, Publs.
(74.) "sollen auch die Weiber in Kindes noten sich erinnern deB bittern leydens und sterbens Jhesu Christi wie seine feinde die Juden unnd Heyden so elendig I greuwlich und erbermlich mit im umbgangen / daB sie in gefangen / geschlagen / verspottet / verspeyet / gegeisselt / eine dorne Kron geflochten / und auffsein heyliges Haubt gesetzer / und in / als ein Ubeltheter und Ertzmorder zwischen zween bose Buben / und Auffhrurer an ein hohes Creutz geschlagen / und in endlich auch mit bitter Gallen / und saurem Essig / da er mit dem Tode rang / gettrcncket und gequelet / und wie er inn solcher schweren und grausamen marter so gar gedultig gewesen." Gunther, 52v-53.
- Weil wir ScheiBe finden, daB sic das buBen muB und weil wir auf die FSK (6) scheiBen.
(22) Jurgen Hein, 'Nestroy-Handschriften in Genf und ein Einlageblatt zu Die schlimmen Buben in der Schule', Nestroyana, 12 (1992), 43-54 (transcription p.