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a bubble formed by a thin soap film

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BUBBLE SOLUTION Ingredients: 9 cups of water' 1 cup of washing up liquid and 1/4 cup of glycerin.
Completely dip the solid into bubble solution, and slowly take it out Describe the shapes formed by the bubble solution.
You need: shallow dishes or pans with at least 2 cm (about 3/4 in.) of Bubble Solution, straws dipped in Bubble Solution, small plastic toys (optional), newspaper or plastic to cover work areas.
Make your own bubble solution and have various items available to blow small and gigantic bubbles.
Includes 8oz of bubble solution. PS4.99 (per pack) JUMBO PADDLI P NG POOL The whole family can keep their cool all summer.
Bubbles Bubble solution Toys, games, Larry Seidman,