Bubalus bubalis

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an Asian buffalo that is often domesticated for use as a draft animal

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DOMESTICATED ANIMALS Berek Pig Sus scrofa Kerbau Buffalo Bubalus bubalis Lal--kampong Chicken--eggs & meat Sapi Cow Bos indicus F.
2) Barton Brand Limited BP West Coast Products/Carson Refinery (2) Bubalus Bubalis Carson Cogeneration Co.
672 * XM_005021465 to 005021467 (TV1 to TV3) Bubalus bubalis XM_006060758 to -1.
Palabras clave: Fasciola hepatica, Bubalus bubalis, prevalencia, Corrientes, Argentina.
The phylogenetic trees of genus Bos were reconstructed by NJ and MP methods with Bubalus bubalis as outgroup there.