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On the time period, the more BSs turning to sleep mode, the smaller Pi becoming, which equals to maximize the number of sleep BSs.
However, connections among users and BSs with spatial considerations should be resolved through UAO problems.
Local BS pair cooperation method gives detailed analysis for EOP and ETP determination, which shows how to compensate a single BS with neighbor BSs topology.
When traffic of BS is low, two or three neighbor BSs were cooperated to compensation its coverage [9].
Second, for the purpose of securing the management messages during the handover, it is also assumed that the network entities such as BSs and the ASN G/W are configured to possess their own public-key certificates when initially being deployed in the Mobile WiMAX network.
0]) receives the MOB-MSHO-REQ, then it sends a HO-REQ message containing the MS information to one or more candidate target BSs ([BS.
An Authentication Domain is logically defined in the Access Service Network (ASN) consisting of ASN G/W and one or more BSs ([BS.
j]) denotes a set of candidate target BSs that the MS can handover from the current serving [BS.
Note: This section represents a comprehensive forecast including Forecast Methodology by Overall OSS and BSS Software Market, Split by OSS and by BSS separately, by geography (NA, EMEA, CALA, and APAC), and by modular break-up including: Network Planning and Engineering (NPE), Fault Management (FM), Performance Management (PM), Provisioning and Service Activation (PSA), Inventory Management (IM), Billing and Customer Care (B&CC), Mediation (MD), and Revenue Assurance (RA).
Product management personnel concerned with the impact of OSS and BSS systems on next generation application and services rollout such as IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) and technology and/or application frameworks or platforms
Consolidated OSS and BSS revenues will grow from USD 15363.
Convergys' further development of a professional services practice to address BSS and CRM issues is a logical extension of its IMG business," said Elisabeth Rainge, Director, OSS and Billing, IDC, a global market intelligence and advisory firm in the information technology and telecommunications industries.
Convergys' breadth and depth of experience developing and operating solutions that span across BSS and CRM have uniquely positioned us within the billing and customer care industry," said Randy Mysliviec, Convergys' Senior Vice President, Professional Services.
Convergys combines its broad portfolio of professional and consulting services, award winning Infinys(TM) software, and deep technical and operational expertise to solve clients' complex BSS and CRM business problems.
Incorporated in 1999, BSS Corporate Headquarters is located in Dahlgren, Virginia.