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On the time period, the more BSs turning to sleep mode, the smaller Pi becoming, which equals to maximize the number of sleep BSs.For sleep BS, its load is allocated to active neighbouring BSs.
However, connections among users and BSs with spatial considerations should be resolved through UAO problems.
Local BS pair cooperation method gives detailed analysis for EOP and ETP determination, which shows how to compensate a single BS with neighbor BSs topology.
BSS managing director Teifion Davies said: "The appointments of Rhian and Bruce signify a very exciting time for BSS and everyone involved in the business.
"Their invaluable range of expertise and experience will help to place BSS in a strong position so that we can continually improve on the service that we can provide to our clients across South Wales while exploring new technologies and facilities to offer."
NEW MARKETS: Rhian Daniel and Bruce Roberts of Swansea IT firm BSS
ASN G/W is initially configured with a pair of its own public and private keys, (+[K.sub.A], -[K.sub.A]), and the public keys of BSs, +[K.sub.j].
The reason why [T.sub.x] = 0 is that there was no message exchange between two BSs during the Authentication Domain Registration procedure.
During the Handover Preparation phase, when [BS.sub.0] receives the MOB-MSHO-REQ, it sends a HO-REQ message containing the MS information to one or more candidate target BSs neighboring [BS.sub.0] over the backbone network to notify that the MS intends to handover as explained in Section 3.2.
And in further [[omega].sub.2,I], (2,1/2) is better than [[omega].sub.2,I] (1,0) due to the multiple uses of CoMP low loaded BSs. On the other hand, the average traffic of the balancing CoMP BSs increases to 0.609A with [[omega].sub.2,I] (1,0), 0.717A with [R]2,(2,l/2), 0.913A with [[omega].sub.3,I] (1,2/3) and 0.9244 with [[omega].sub.3,II] (1,2/3).
In this paper, we propose a load-balancing method in which some BSs are used as the CoMP BSs to effectively extend coverage area with guaranteed call blocking rate and efficient throughput.
The ratio of the number of high loaded BSs Nh to the number of low loaded BSs Nl is 1:6.