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First experiment represented PCR reaction using Brachythecium rivulare (Bryopsida) DNA as template and degenerate primers.
patens, namely, Timmia austriaca (class Bryopsida, subclass Timmiidae), Tetraphis pellucida (class Tetraphidopsida), Bartramiopsis lescurii (class Polytrichopsida), Polytrichum commune (class Polytrichopsida), Andreaea rupistris (class Andreaeopsida), Oedipodium griffithianum (class Oedipodiopsida), and Sphagnum squarrosum (class Sphagnopsida).
Taxa Relative Total for taxa richness (%) (US$ [year.sup.-1]) Bryopsida 0.9 109.95 Coniferopsida 0.1 10.99 Dicotyledoneae 67.9 15,376.24 Lycopsida 0.2 27.49 Monocotiledoneae 28.2 9,334.59 Pteropsida 2.6 406.81 Total 100% 25,266.06 Categories Taxa Endemic--Serra Endemic--Espinhaco do Cipo Range (US$ [year.sup.1]) (US$ [year.sup.1]) Bryopsida -- -- Coniferopsida -- -- Dicotyledoneae 1,099.48 3,023.57 Lycopsida -- -- Monocotiledoneae 2,803.68 1,649.22 Pteropsida 54.97 54.97 Total 3,958.13 4,727.77 Categories Taxa Threatened--MG Non-endemic and state not threatened (US$ [year.sup.1]) (US$ [year.sup.1]) Bryopsida -- 109.95 Coniferopsida -- 10.99 Dicotyledoneae 4,013.10 7,240.08 Lycopsida -- 27.49 Monocotiledoneae 2,198.96 2,682.73 Pteropsida -- 296.86 Total 6,212.07 10,368.10
--2003-- A taxonomic reassesment of the Vittiaceae (Hypnales, Bryopsida): evidence from phylogenetic analyses of combined chloroplast and nuclear sequence data -- Plant.
-- 2002a-- Phylogeny and morphologycal evolution of the Amblystegiaceae (Bryopsida) -- Molec.
Hamatocaulis y Scorpidium (Amblystegiaceae, Bryopsida) en la Peninsula Iberica.
Sanionia (Amblystegiaceae, Bryopsida) en la Peninsula Iberica.
The presence of dimorphic spores in Orthotrichum affine (Bryopsida, Orthotrichaceae).
De las 32 especies de musgos Bryopsida catalogadas, 27 forman la brioflora de Toro y 21 la de Benavente; 16 se encontraron en las dos ciudades, 11 eran solo toresanas y 5 exclusivamente benaventanas.
Cratoneuron y Palustriella (Amblystegiaceae, Bryopsida) in the Iberian Peninsula and Balearic Islands.
Zygodon catarinoi (Orthotrichaceae, Bryopsida), a new epiphytic species from the westernn Meditarranean Basin.
Testing controversial alignments in Amblystegium and related genera (Amblystegiaceae: Bryopsida).
Proposal to conserve the name Pseudocrossidium revolutum (Pottiaceae, Bryopsida) with a conserve type.
Taxonomic notes on some European species of Bryum (Bryopsida: Bryaceae).