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a vine of the genus Bryonia having large leaves and small flowers and yielding acrid juice with emetic and purgative properties

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Effects of Bryonia laciniosa seeds on sexual behaviour of male rats.
Nelsons Sootha A PLEASANT-TASTING homeopathic remedy for the natural relief of coughs, containing natural bryonia, purified honey and lemon juice and free from artificial colourings, flavourings and alcohol.
Treatments include Arnica for bruising and muscle aches, Bryonia to alleviate swollen joints and Rhus tox for joint pain.
43) Placebo-controlled trials of numerous other herbal products--including bryonia, belladonna, lycopodium, nettle, dong quai root, motherwort, chickweed, and wild yam--have found them to be neither safe nor effective.
20), in a prescription pharmacy and consisted of Phytolacca decandra CH 12, Lachesis CH 12, Belladona CH 12, Phosphorus CH 30, Bryonia dioica CH 12, Conium maculatum CH 12, Apis mellifica CH 30, Mercurius solubilis CH 12, and Pyrogenium CH 6.
Bryonia alba: Use for an extremely dry mouth, with dryness of mucous membranes and great thirst.
Homeopathic remedies like Ruta, Bryonia and Arnica are effective in reducing pain and swelling.
The adaptogenic effects of Schisandra chinensis were assessed together with the effects of the adaptogen Bryonia alba in a placebo controlled double blind study of several groups of athletes (Panossian 1999).
A queste cenosi, che presentano un'altezza massima di circa 6 m, concorrono anche altre specie legnose come Salix alba, Populus nigra e Alnus glutinosa in forma prevalentemente arbustiva e diverse specie lianose come Solanum dulcamara, Bryonia dioica, Clematis vitalba, Vitis riparia, Humulus lupulus.
HIBAAYEB b f 20-4-2007 Northern Dancer Nearctic Natalma Sadler's Wells Fairy Bridge Bold Reason Special In The Wings Shirley Heights Mill Reef Hardiemma High Hawk Sunbittern Sea Hawk Pantoufle Singspiel (b 1992) Hail To Reason Turn-To Nothirdchance Halo Cosmah Cosmic Bomb Almahmoud Glorious Song Herbager Vandale Flagette Ballade Miss Swapsco Cohoes Soaring Raise A Native Dancer Raise You Mr Prospector Gold Digger Nashua Sequence Lion Cavern Secretariat Bold Ruler Somethingroyal Secrettame Tamerett Tim Tam Mixed Marriage Lady Zonda (b 1999) Northern Dancer Nearctic Natalma Fabulous Dancer Last Of The Line The Axe Bryonia Zonda Habitat Sir Gaylord Little Hut Oh So Hot Oh So Fair Graustark Chandelle Bred by Rabbah Bloodstock Ltd in England.
Thigmomorphogenesis: the response of plant growth and development to mechanical stimulation, with special reference to Bryonia dioca.
3-5) Also, it contains two active botanical ingredients, Bryonia alba 6x and Rhus toxicodendron 6x, that have long been used to treat joint, tendon, and muscle pains.
Its active components are Aconitum napellus, bryonia Dawn, Lachesis trigonocephalus and Thuya occidentalis (Gabriel, 2004).
Bryonia 6x: Take this remedy if you have the flu accompanied by aches, especially if you feel worse when you move, or have a frontal headache.
It combines a diet rich in alkaline foods and the use of specific homoeopathic remedies, namely arnica, bryonia or Rhus Tox depending upon the symptoms.