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a Valkyrie or a queen in the Nibelungenlied who loved the hero Siegfried

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However, this flexibility of definition permits a thoughtful close reading of two rarely discussed sagas in William Layher's essay, a rather too introductory but nevertheless useful account of feasts in the sagas of Icelanders, a structuralist comparison of Brynhildr and Kriemhilt across the Middle High German and Norse traditions, and an intriguing account of the significance of the ruler's smile in the Nibelungenlied in which the combination of close reading and awareness of recent work in the psychology of emotion pays dividends for Kathryn Starkey.
His wife Aslaug was said to be the daughter of Sigurdhr the dragon-slayer and Brynhildr, and vikings who figure prominently in Irish and English traditions--especially the notorious Ivarr the boneless, viking king of York--are said to be his sons.
1/ Defeat Ogre Devil x50 -> Rewards: Brynhildr Massive x1, Gerhilde Massive x1