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United States lawyer and politician who advocated free silver and prosecuted John Scopes (1925) for teaching evolution in a Tennessee high school (1860-1925)

a town of east central Texas

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Bryan later posted pictures of the joeys, named Margo and Todd, wearing nappies and sitting inside.
Bryan ultimately failed to keep America out of the European war, but his public opposition probably delayed the nation's entry until after Wilson had been safely reelected.
Bryan made his Boro debut, wearing the No 8 shirt, on March 3, 1962, against Charlton at home, winning 3-2.
Incredibly, Bryan played in 11 positions during his career.
Bryan said: "This latest award means a great deal to me, as it's an endorsement from my peers, some of whom rate as the finest chefs in the UK.
It's not your fault you're deaf," Bryan said, laughing as Patch playfully licked his face.
After that initial exchange, the Bryan brothers broke again in the 10th game to claim the first set.
Onlookers at California's San Diego County Fair feared the worst when the heavyweight beast trampled Bryan as he lay dazed on the floor.
Stewart Bryan III, scion of the family who founded Media General Inc.
Playing on a series of 13 stones called the Devil's Footsteps, Adam vanished into the arms of the Dark Man and 10-year-old Bryan ran away.
A Godly Hero: The Life of William Jennings Bryan, by Michael Kazin.
Findings of the third-annual Bryan Cave Real Estate Executives' Forecast Survey show that nearly two-thirds (63%) of real estate professionals surveyed believe the United States real estate market will strengthen (16%) or stay the same (47%) within the next 12 months, compared with 35% who believe the market will weaken.
THE STORM: What Went Wrong and Why during Hurricane Katrina--The Inside story from One Louisiana Scientist IVOR VAN HEERDEN AND MIKE BRYAN
William Jennings Bryan (1860-1925) caught the tide in 1896 in the Chicago Coliseum, where the Democratic Party was in session to nominate its presidential candidate.