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a family of acrocarpous mosses

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In our study, the FTIR spectra of some species in families Mielichhoferiaceae, Bryaceae, and Mniaceae were similar.
The FTIR spectra of the 16 samples of mosses were recorded in three sets: four Mielichhoferiaceae samples (Figure 1(a)), three Bryaceae samples (Figure 1(b)), and nine Mniaceae samples (Figures 1(c), 1(d), and 1(e)).
The dendrogram divides the 16 samples into two separated clusters (Figure 2): cluster 1 (C1) comprises the Mielichhoferiaceae and Bryaceae species and cluster 2 (C2) comprises the Minaceae species.
It indicates directly that the species of family Bryaceae, Mielichhoferiaceae (A, Figure 3), and Mniaceae (B, Figure 3) can be grouped in two separate ellipses.
Las familias con mayor numero de especies son: Dicranaceae (52), Orthotrichaceae (31), Bryaceae (30), Bartramiaceae (27), Sematophyllaceae (25), Pottiaceae (23), Pilotrichaceae (22), Meteoriaceae (19), Fissidentaceae (17), Brachytheciaceae (14), Hypnaceae (13), Neckeraceae (13), Calymperaceae (12) y Polytrichaceae (12).
New localities for Bryum cyclophyllum (Bryaceae) in the Iberian Peninsula.
Revision of the records of Brachymenium commutatum (Bryophyta, Bryaceae) in Europa.
Taxonomic notes on some European species of Bryum (Bryopsida: Bryaceae).